The Galt Mile Community Association is administered by a Board of Directors, an Advisory Board, and the Presidents Council (an assembly of a the Presidents of each member Association). The Board of Directors is depicted and briefly biographed in this section. The members of the Advisory Board are listed by the association they represent.

Board of Directors

President and Chairman, Presidents Council – Pio Ieraci

Pio Ieraci

Pio Ieraci is a unique blend of businessman, family man, diplomat, and village shaman. In addition to the panoply of responsibilities he faces as President of the Galt Mile Community Association, he administers the high powered Presidents Council. The current President of every member Association participates in a forum created to examine the impending obstacles that confront their Associations, exchange information useful in that regard, and formulate strategies to effectively provide relief. Pio Ieraci is the catalyst that allows this mixture of strong-willed individuals to achieve the levels of cooperation necessary to effectively identify and contend with the common problems while concurrently attending to the particular concerns of individual Associations. A Board member of the Galt Ocean Club, Pio is able to diagnose complex technical, civic, political, and financial conundra and encourage agreement on their resolution. It is not uncommon for the most exasperating challenges, once identified as such by members of the Council, to be placed on Pio’s typically full plate!

Office Phone: (954) 489-9430

Vice President – Director – Eric Peter Berkowitz

Eric Peter Berkowitz

Having lived in both Ocean Manor and Southpoint before serving on the Regency Tower Board of Directors, Eric Peter Berkowitz developed a unique perspective of the Galt Mile. Eric created and serves as “webmaster” of the Galt Mile Community Association web site, one of largest and most comprehensive in South Florida. As editor of the “Galt Mile News”, the Association’s newsletter, he keeps community residents and neighborhood merchants informed about issues critical to their rights, homes and lifestyles. A prolific writer, Eric relates Association policy as formulated by the Board, the Advisory Board and concerned residents. Always active, Eric’s organizational skills were critical to Fort Lauderdale’s inclusion in the beach renourishment project, the installation of Automated External Defibrillators throughout the neighborhood, the successful promotion of practical fire safety regulations and myriad other challenges. Eric also serves as the community’s eyes and ears, alerting the neighborhood to positive and negative political impacts emanating from Fort Lauderdale’s City Hall, Broward County HQ, Tallahassee and Washington DC. Acumen accrued as Regency Tower’s Construction Chair has positioned Eric to assist with the Galt Mile’s structural rebirth.

Office Phone: (954) 566-8606, Home Phone: (954) 564-4427

Secretary – Director – Fern McBride

Fern McBride

A veteran of the Public School system, Fern is blessed with a proclivity for organization and excellent communication skills. Somehow, our soft spoken former educator has been able to quietly compile the fast paced Advisory Board activities into a coherent set of minutes every month. Fern’s organizational abilities were first recognized by her neighbors in Regency Tower, where she participates in several committees and served on the Board of Directors – not surprisingly as Secretary! Upon retiring from the Regency Tower Board, her peers drafted her to continue as Assistant Secretary. Her low-key demeanor and quiet charm disguise a tenacious commitment to improving our homes and our neighborhood. In addition to making consistent contributions at countless Advisory Board and Presidents Council meetings, Fern has traveled to Tallahassee to fight for the rights of condo owners. When the Broward Beach Renourishment project was being considered by the Florida Cabinet, Fern participated in a successful demonstration by a contingent of Galt Mile homeowners supporting the project. When initially appointed Secretary, the usual format of assigning the attendant executive responsibilities to a director were set aside to take advantage of Fern’s unparalleled competence as a communicator. Inevitably, she was also named to the Board as a Director.

Office Phone: (954) 566-8606, Home Phone: (954) 561-2965

Treasurer – Director – Fred Nesbitt

Fred Nesbitt

Fred Nesbitt is a chronic volunteer. When a group of Playa del Mar residents spontaneously birthed that association’s newsletter, Fred was among the original contributors. In short order, he was elected to the Playa del Mar Board of Directors where he has since served as Treasurer and President. When appointed to the Galt Mile Community Association Advisory Board, the entire neighborhood started benefiting from his networking skills. Within two years, Fred’s participation quotient surpassed that of members serving for decades. A veteran of successful campaigns to rescue the Galt Mile Reading Center and thwart the proposed construction of a Liquefied Natural Gas plant off the Galt Mile Beach, Nesbitt has proven a workaholic dynamo. Not surprisingly, his peers soon shifted Fred’s wheelhouse from the Advisory Board to the GMCA Board of Directors and named him Treasurer, charging him with guardianship of the neighborhood checkbook. Changing hats as required, Fred also applies skills honed in Washington D.C. to citywide challenges by serving on several Fort Lauderdale Advisory Boards (the Fire-Rescue Bond Issue Blue Ribbon Committee and the Budget Advisory Board).

Home Phone: (954) 564-4329

Director – Ralph Hamaker

Ralph Hamaker

Hailing from Coral Ridge Towers South, Ralph Hamaker is the sole representative to the Board of Directors from a Cooperative. A past President of CRT South, Ralph is familiar with issues that impact our four members from the Coral Ridge Towers Complex in the western sector of the Galt Mile Community. Ralph’s contributions to improving the Galt Mile area are legion, including noise abatement, traffic control and beach renourishment. Intimately involved with the rebirth of the Galt Ocean Village Shoppes area, Ralph was instrumental in attracting the Beach Community Center and Il Lugano, two community linchpins critical for the neighborhood’s stability. Coral Ridge Towers, built just prior to to Condo Act of 1963, was the first hi-rise cooperative financed by the FHA to have a swimming pool. The Coral Ridge Towers (CRT) complex, later expanded to include the North, South (Ralph’s home), and East buildings, was a blueprint for developers prospecting for amenities to include in their offerings. The CRT Complex (four Cooperatives) could not have found a more effective pro-active representative than Mr. Ralph Hamaker.

Office Phone: (954) 563-6467, Home Phone: (954) 568-4146

Director – Andrew Surdovel

Andrew Surdovel

A Galt Mile resident via birthplace Jersey City and upstate New York, Andy is a quiet tornado. A modern day Renaissance Man, this Engineer – Printer – Builder helped steer Plaza South to its current status as one of the Galt Mile’s premier residences. To benefit from skills honed during a flourishing Engineering career (Senior Project Engineer at the Bendix Corporation, Vice President of Engineering at a New York fastener company, etc.), his Plaza South neighbors continually vested him with rotating responsibilities on their governing board beginning in 1996 (within a year of his arrival in South Florida) – as President, Secretary and Assistant Treasurer. The proprietor of Minuteman Press, Andy also manages a thriving Oakland Park Boulevard printing enterprise he conceived and nurtures with better half and partner – Joyce. While serving on the neighborhood association’s Advisory Board, this master of multi-tasking helped resolve countless community conundrums, invariably weighing in as the voice of reason. Once, to fill some spare time, Surdovel was “soup to nuts” conversant with building codes by constructing three homes in New York – personally!

Office Phone: (954) 565-0777, Home Phone: (954) 568-0191

Director – Ed Hashek

Ed Hashek

During his tenure as The Galleon’s official bean counter, Ed made countless contributions to the community’s Advisory Board, where he took up the gauntlet for a Chinese menu of neighborhood challenges. Wielding an academic pedigree that productively blends Information Technology with Business Management, Hashek carved out a sterling career in IT Security, where he exercised his expertise in the financial sector (thwarting scams to plunder our banking data). To help quell an insatiable appetite for community service, social justice, Theater and the arts, Ed serves as a Director or Trustee for a litany of organizations in Wisconsin and Florida, including the Community Foundation of Broward County, the Milwaukee Art Museum, The Milwaukee Repertory Theater Company, the Island City Stage and now – the Galt Mile Community Association. Leveraging a unique personal skill set, Ed infuses each of his undertakings with expedience and uncompromising dedication; he quietly gets the job done – an observation not lost on his Galt Mile peers when naming him to their governing board.

Home Phone: (414) 688-6006

Advisory Board

Board Member
James Abruzzino
AnneMarie Adams
Vart Adjemian
Richard Bazerghi
Eileen Bendis
Pat Myles Bernie
Ron Bibace
Franci Bindler
Cornelia Cave
Sergio Cella
Gregory Cheganis
Theresa Claire
Alex Comesana
Neil Deevy
Gail Der Ananian
Eileen Ellison
Carol Hall
Claire Harris
Gail Jaseliunas Ocean Summit
Glenda Jayson
Monica Kennick
Mel Kessler
John Kochanowski
Frances Konstance
Robert Korn
Lewis Kraus
John Laprade Regency Tower
Don Larson
Eric Linder
Laurie Madenfort
Jim Madgett
Lois Mancke
Steve Marcus
Ilan Matsas
Madeline P. Mercado
Jean Miller
Steven G. Miller
Arthur Mosher
Dr. Alex Moyyad
Kate Mullan
Robert Papineau
Richard Pohan
Carol Schmidt
Joe Sclafani
Mary M. Short
Paul Srelakos
Frank Talerico
Maya Tegov
John Toklucu Plaza East
Gary Tripoli
Allan Young
Mary M. Short

Honorary Permanent Members