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L'Hermitage Link

L'Hermitage Community Association
L'Hermitage Link Volume 1, Issue 1

L'Hermitage I Condominium Association, Inc.

From the President

Viewing our L'Hermitage complex in the light of what is happening in the world today, I look at our community as a small-town, neighborly place to live. In a very small way, we are representative of the world.

We have learned, and are still learning, how to live with our neighbors, how to compromise and get along, how to stand up and speak when we feel something is not right, sit and smile when we are content, and how to tell the important things from the unimportant. Of all the things that happen in a condominium association, the two most important are our physical and mental well being, and how we live with our friends and neighbors.

This past year, Tower I has traveled a fairly rough and rocky road. But we survived and even grew a little. We added new spa equipment. The board approved an Employee Handbook and distributed it to all employees. We changed managers and officers of the board. We negotiated further with the developer and will be heading into Mediation in early 2003. We lived within our budget and some excess revenues will be carried into next year. Even with a considerable increase in insurance premiums due to worldwide terrorism, our new budget is only slightly higher than in 2002.

I want to thank all the staff for their continuous efforts, which have helped to make this condominium a wonderful home. Thank you administration, maintenance, valet, security, and housekeeping. A very special thanks goes to Angie for filling in as our Acting Manager.

Starting January 1, 2003, we are retaining a quality management company, which will provide us with a new full-time manager. Hopefully, with fewer contentious items with which to deal, we will have a successful and peaceful 2003. My wife, Irene, joins me in wishing all of you a Happy New Year. We wish you what we wish for ourselves...Happy Holidays!

Don Powell, President
L'Hermitage I Association, Inc.

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L'Hermitage II Condominium Association, Inc.

From the President

Dear Residents of L'Hermitage II,

Your Board of Directors has been extremely busy protecting and improving our home. Bud Guyer, our new Manager, has worked diligently and closely with the Board members to keep the quality of our condominium property at the high level that we all expect. Bud has had extensive experience in condominium management, with a strong knowledge of the Florida State statutes, as well as the condominium documents. We have directed Bud to concentrate a large part of his time on the former "Project Manager" files and to work closely with our Engineering Committee and Omega Engineering, with the goal of aggressively pursuing the Developer to get the largest Tower repairs engineered and completed. I am happy to report major progress on the largest claims we have against the Developer. The engineered repairs of the parapet walls on the top of our building are underway, under Developer warranty. The engineered terrace ledge repairs will be shortly underway as a Developer warranty. As soon as these are complete, we expect to concentrate on the roof access deficiency. We have accomplished all this with very minimal legal expense. Your Board of Directors has taken great care to hold costs down in 2002 thus we have avoided an assessment for 2002, while prudently accomplishing our necessary maintenance and repairs. Many fine projects were completed this year such as the variable speed drive project, which will save our Tower approximately $50,000 annually. Still another completed project was the installation of the stairwell shutters protecting the 02, 07 & 08 stairwell areas that were once flooding. Another job in progress is the replacement of the corroded sprinkler system & water piping in the garage (a developer claim). We were unfortunate in that the "Hurricane Screen" project failed and we are now in the process of litigating and/or mediating claims against the two companies that sponsored the product. We have not paid the final $40,000 for this project and have essentially used the budgeted money to purchase Accordion Hurricane Shutters for the high areas on the building. In an effort to save money, we used the old shutters for the low areas. Bud has brought us a new, highly qualified, inexpensive law firm that has agreed to file the lawsuit free of charge as a courtesy for future representation of ongoing Tower legal matters. There is no assurance we can be successful in this effort. On the positive side, as most of you know, I have been in negotiations with AT&T on and off for most of last year for our case against them for Telephone and Cable services. I am happy to report the final settlement for both Towers and all monies received. This was accomplished with minor legal expense. We look forward to a bright 2003 as many major issues will have been resolved. I hope to continue to bring you all good news on Developer negotiations. In the meanwhile, we will continue to "fine-tune" the building complex operation in the hopes of making our home still better.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Lewis Rubin, President
L'Hermitage II Condominium

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L'Hermitage Beach View

L'Hermitage Tower View

Southern View

L'Hermitage Beach

L'Hermitage Entry

L'Hermitage Pool

L'Hermitage Back

L'Hermitage Ocean View

L'Hermitage Aerial View

Galt Ocean Drive

From The Manager

I usually have a hard time coming up with my opening statement but in this case I think that a simple "Thank You!" is in order. I want you all to know how appreciative I am for being selected to manage your beautiful is truly a privilege. I am sure that many of you that haven't yet met me may be a little I want to extend an invitation to stop by the office and say "Hi".

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a very Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous New Year.

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Concièrge Tower II

Lorraine Alfano

Monday through Friday
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Phone: (954) 375-3900 Ext. 5, Fax: (954) 537-3563

Your Concièrge Service on property has been designed to make your life easier. I am a Notary Public and can assist you in sending out packages and mailing of letters and packages.

As Concièrge, I offer assistance in locating and arranging: Restaurant Reservations, House Sitter, Maid Service, Transportation, Yacht Charters, Fishing Charters, Golf Tee Times, Interior Designers, Craftsmen, Florist, Catering, Massage Therapist, and so much more. Just call on me and I will be happy to assist you.

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L'Hermitage Community Association

From the President

I want to thank the community chairs, members and residents for helping to make this year one of the most successful years of our community. The improvements in landscaping have enhanced our lifestyle. Other projects completed are the new hot tub tiles, pool repairs and refinishing, new lights at the fountain, new flagpole, and much more. With all of our improvements, we ended the year within the budget, which will allow us to install new high efficiency pool heat exchangers and reduce next year's community budget.

All this was possible because of a good working relationship between the community board, management and residents. All ideas for improving our first class resort condo are always welcome.

Going forward, we still have a lot of work to do resolving the builder issues, but we have an excellent community team put together as we enter critical negotiations with the builders.

Dr. Alex Leeds

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From The Manager

We hope that you all enjoy our first newsletter. This newsletter has been made possible through the contributions of the editors and staff of both towers in a joint effort to make all residents feel a sense of community and good will. I would like to extend my appreciation for their effort in making our first publication a success. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments regarding this publication. Also, I would like to point out that several of our local businesses have joined us in our effort to publish the newsletter by funding the majority of the cost of printing and distribution. If at all possible, please give them your business and mention that you saw their ad in our newsletter. The newsletter will be published quarterly.

Happy Holidays,
Bud Guyer

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Social Committee

Please watch the bulletin boards and look at the Concièrge's desk and our private television stations (15 in Tower I and 49 in Tower II) to learn about the Social Committee's events.

The New Year's Eve Party is almost sold out. If you are interested in attending, please contact your Concièrge soon.

Our Concièrges, Lorraine and Pablo, and the Social Committee completed a successful food drive for the needy. We donated hundreds of pounds of food to All Saints Catholic Mission and The Soup Kitchen.

We are also planning a casino night to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer on March 8, 2003. Save the date and contact your Concièrge or anyone on the Social Committee if you would like to be a sponsor or would like to get involved.

Marilyn Leeds

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Amenities Committee

MISSION: To pursue an ever-improving environment for the owners and guests of L'Hermitage, South Florida's and one of America's preeminent resort condominiums.


Tower I - Jerry Bergheim (954) 566-9202
Tower II - Mort Wagner (954) 568-3671

Committee Members - Tower I

Shirley Attias (954) 375-3333
Constance Burtoff (954) 567-9594
Roz Greenspan (954) 375-0110
Linda Hoffman (954) 563-7673

Committee Members - Tower II

Dorothy Fox (954) 375-0469
Eve Peikin (954) 564-0881
Patti/Sandra Post (954) 564-2992
Phyllis Sperling (954) 375-1007

In our first year, we recommended or supported suggestions that were or are, hopefully, about to be implemented. They include: area smoking regulations, café enhancements involving background music, transparent shades for use during inclement weather, a community newsletter (L'Hermitage Link), various walkway repairs, regulation-clarifying signage, uniform and "classy" valet stations, foliage and dog run lighting, flagpole installation.


We are seeking new projects for the community areas. What do you want and why? Year-round residents, snowbirds, infrequent residents - PLEASE GIVE US YOUR THOUGHTS. You will be apprised of the reason for action or no action.


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Beach, Pool, and Cabaña Committee

Cabañas on L'Hermitage BeachSince the last report we have come a long way. Tower II has a new Property Manager (Bud Guyer) and he has hired a new Community Supervisor (Andy). Under Bud's direction and Andy's hard work things are shaping up. We have a new shower at the beach entrance along with a new hose setup thus alleviating the congestion at the beach gate. We also have a new intercom to security on both sides of the gate. Residents can now call the pool/beach attendants or security from both sides of the beach gate. Our beach is raked on a daily basis and it really is looking wonderful.

L'Hermitage PoolsThe East Pool has been completely resurfaced. Both of our Jacuzzis have been tiled and maintenance will be much easier. The Jacuzzis will always be clean and shiny! We have installed 2 new gas heaters and are in the process of installing new heat pumps, which will heat the pools at reduced energy costs. The gas heaters then become back up heaters.

We have plans for 2003 for new lighting along the perimeter of the beach, which will light the cabaña area as well as the Tiki Deck.

For 2003, any interested resident should volunteer for the Beach Committee. New ideas are always welcome.

Thank you.
Arthur Feuer, Chairman

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Tennis Committee

Every year our tennis courts have been seeing more and more action. What started with a few lonely players from building one (Abe David, Mano Konstance, Ernie Goldblatt, Barney Kvingdahl, etc.) has now mushroomed to include many others (Ken Patel, Ken Forbes, "Doc" Antoun, George Mavrakis, Lou Pacini, Mark Cuoccolo, etc.). The greatest advances, however, were made by the ladies who started a league in early 2001 spearheaded by Marie Piancone, and now including Phyllis Sperling, Barbara Biafore, Dorothy Fox, Millie Wesley, Shelly Chatoff, Shirley Kerner, Linda London, Gillian Pacini, Judy Herman, Sandy Grady, Bonnie Teney, Kay Patel, Sue Ellen Shapiro, Joann Jacob, Dorothy Lee and Marianne Keller. Any women interested in joining call Dorothy Fox at (954) 375-0469. Our courts have recently been resurfaced and are now more beautiful than ever. We have mixed round robins open to everyone on Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

"Doc" Antoun, Chairman

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Holiday Party

The Holiday Season was celebrated at a party in the Tower I Orchid Room the evening of December 1st.This was the fourth year the L'Hermitage Social Club has sponsored this popular event. A toy per person was requested as admission, and these toys will then be donated to the Chai Life organization for children with cancer and the local fire station, which will then distribute them to needy children.

Over eighty of our L'Hermitage community attended this convivial evening filled with food, drinks, music, and fun. It is always enjoyable getting together with our friends and neighbors.

Special thanks to the members of my committee who organized this "funtastic" and always eagerly anticipated seasonal celebration. Happy healthy holidays to all.

Dianne Bergheim
Holiday Party Co-Chairperson

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L'Hermitage Café

Chef Marci Boland
(954) 568-2383
Open Wednesday through Sunday
11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Candlelight al fresco dining available every Friday and Sunday evening 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Menus are posted weekly and reservations recommended.

Sunday Brunch 9:00 AM to 12 Noon

New menu includes our famous French Toast, Three Egg Omelets, Bagels and Lox, Assorted Fruits and Breads, Fresh O.J., Cappuccino, Espresso, Tea, Coffee

For the Holidays, the Café will be open for lunch service 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM every day from December 18, 2002 through January 5, 2003. Please note the Café will be open on Christmas Day from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Full catering services are available and menus can be obtained through either your Concièrge or at the Café.

Gourmet To-Go individually prepared and packaged meals and soups are available for your in-home convenience.

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