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L'Hermitage Link

L'Hermitage Community Association
L'Hermitage Link Volume 1, Issue 3

L'Hermitage Community Association

From the President

Summer has arrived. Many of our residents have traveled to their summer homes and L'Hermitage is quiet.

To update everyone about what is happening in our neighborhood, I suggest you log on to Our community newsletter will be posted on the site. Information about community affairs such as the Oakland Park Boulevard Project (Miles Corner) and the Galt Ocean Village Improvement Association Project is available with pictures as well as current updates. There is a great article on defibrillators, which the community board discussed at the June 5th meeting.

The beach renourishment project and how it almost failed to pass by the State is covered in detail. The web site link of "Galt Merchants" is a directory of area merchants such as restaurants, shops, professional services, etc.

Have a great summer and we will continue to keep you informed. E-Mail me at Your comments are appreciated.

Alex Leeds, President
L'Hermitage Community Association

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Community Security Update

The Security Chairpersons of Towers I and II also Co-Chair the Security Committee for the Community Board this year. While we have different issues particular to each Tower, we have been working closely together on issues that effect us all.

We have been able to present the three Boards with information concerning the purchase and use of defibrillators on our property. The City Commissioner, Christine Teel, and the Fire Chief, Robert Edgar, have supplied us with vital information concerning use, certification, and a copy of the provisions of the Florida Good Samaritan Act, that pertains to the use of these life-saving devices. Kent Security will train and certify all Security personnel. The Fire-Rescue Squad will be happy to assist us in holding training sessions for all interested persons at L'Hermitage. A second session will be held for residents who return later in the year. These AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators), when in place on our property and after required certification, should add to our sense of well being.

A Guest Amenities Pass system is being implemented in both Towers. A letter will be sent out to all residents wity full information. a guest pass, white for daily and blue for longer stay, will be issued by Security for all registered guests. This system will, hopefully, be of help to guests using our facilities and discourage unauthorized persons from entering our property. We have had incidents in the past, particularly at the Beach Gate entrance.

We wish everyone a great summer,

Frances Constance & Neil Held
Tower I and Community Association

Mindy Nakaya
Tower II and Community Association

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L'Hermitage Security Issues

First and foremost, I know the main issue on everyone's mind is the Smart Pass Reader at the Front Entrance. A new Smart Pass Reader has been ordered. This should fix the problems you have been having. Notices will be posted on the TV (channel 15 at Tower I and channel 49 at Tower II) when the new Reader has been installed.

Just a reminder...when any incidents occur, notify Aly Auguste or the Security Supervisor on duty for assistance.

Aly Auguste, Director of Security
L'Hermitage Community Association

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Home Pages


L'Hermitage Beach View

L'Hermitage Tower View

Southern View

L'Hermitage Beach

L'Hermitage Entry

L'Hermitage Pool

L'Hermitage Back

L'Hermitage Aerial View

Galt Ocean Drive

L'Hermitage Community Association Manager

What's new? First, I would like to welcome Donald Westbrook, the new manager of Tower I and my "other half" when it comes to the management of the Community Association. For the balance of this year, Donald will be responsible for the Pool, Beach, Café, and Tennis Courts. I will be handling Landscaping and working with the Engineering Committee and the Board to settle our Developer issues. In addition, bookeeping and general administration such as insurance, personnel, and record keeping for the Community Association are now being handled out of Tower II.

We have completed several big projects since our last newsletter including the replacement of landscaping, new lighting at the main entrance and new tennis court screens which will be installed after the hurricane season. Currently we are pressure washing and sealing all brick paver driveways and walkways, including the recreation deck.

Our future plans for the community property include remodeling the gatehouse and developing a comprehensive reserve study to enable us to better plan our financial and maintenance obligations in the future.

Do you know that every drop of rain and irrigation water that falls on this property never leaves the property! We have a major drainage infrastructure and a series of injection wells that enable us to filter and inject deep into the ground all of our water runoff. Currently we are working on recertifying the system which involves cleaning drains, regrading the lawn in some places, and moving landscape material to improve drainage in other places. Every five years our system must be inspected by the State of Florida.

If you have any concerns regarding the maintenance in a specific area, be sure to contact the manager in charge.

Have a great summer!

Bud Guyer, General Manager
L'Hermitage Community Association

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L'Hermitage II Condominium Association, Inc.

From the President

Dear Residents of L'Hermitage II,

It seems almost incredible that nearly five years have gone by for many of us that have been at L'Hermitage from the very beginning. I recall sitting on the beach and looking at the proposed Tower and I can remember our excitement about where we would be living. We were among the first to move into Tower II on August 31, 1998. I was determined then to make this my home. Since then, I have been making my own contribution to making that dream come true.

I now look back and can say that I have seen many great projects accomplished. Remember when we could not walk through a "dry" garage, occasionally needing boots to get our cars? I remember when the "9" and "10" unit owners had to walk through the garbage area to get to their units. The list goes on. Many fine projects were completed.

Now, the developer issues are days away from being settled and signed, which should leave us with all major repairs completed in 2003. The former manager's unit has a pending sale that will close shortly. We look forward to showing a financial report to the residents that puts L'Hermitage II in the best financial position since its inception.

Enjoy your summer!

Lewis Rubin, President
L'Hermitage II Condominium

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L'Hermitage I Condominium Association Manager

This issue of the newsletter is a perfect opportunity to introduce myself to all of the residents in the community. I am Donald Westbrook, the new General Manager of L'Hermitage I. I am a State Licensed Community Association Manager who most recently managed a four-hundred fifty (450) unit beachfront condominium community on Millionaire's Row in Miami Beach.

I am part of the management team from the management company, The Continental Group, that is providing management, accounting, maintenance, housekeeping, and valet services to L'Hermitage I.

As the managers before me have done, I will continue to share management responsibilities with Bud Guyer of L'Hermitage II.

I look forward to meeting everyone.

Best Regards,
Donald Westbrook, General Manager

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L'Hermitage II Condominium Association Manager

Hi again! I hope that this newsletter finds you in good spirits, happy and healthy.

Since our last newsletter was published we have been busy. The blower assembly on the central air conditioning unit has been all but rebuilt. We have polished the marble at the main entrance (what an improvement!). In the fitness center we have replaced the carpet, installed a new leg press and hip abduction/adduction machine (don't say that too fast!), ceiling fans and new cabinetry. A new key control system has been installed to better safeguard unit and auto keys in our possession. We have installed accordion shutters on all common area windows, ocean side and the front entrance.

Future plans include the new security monitors and cabinetry at the front desk and the installation of additional storage bins. If you are interested in a storage bin, we can add your name to the existing waiting list in the office...just give us a call.

This summer I will be recommending to the Board that we consider brass and wood restoration in the elevators and chandelier cleaning.

A new rule requiring guests to obtain an Amenities Pass is now in effect. A copy of the new rule is enclosed with this newsletter, along with filing information. If you have any questions, please give the management office a call.

The proposed amendments submitted to the membership did not pass. The final tabulation is:

  • Leases - 129 yes and 49 no (needed 167 to pass)
  • Pets - 151 yes and 27 no (needed 167 to pass)
  • Construction - 113 yes and 65 no (needed 148 to pass)

    REMINDER: Please be sure that any vehicle parked in the garage has a decal. All guests must register with security and obtain a temporary decal if they intend to park in the garage.

    VERY IMPORTANT! If you intend to make any improvements in your unit you must be sure to obtain the proper building permits from the City of Fort Lauderdale. Also, if you intend to make any structural alterations or install hard flooring (such as marble, wood and tile), you must first obtain permission from the Board of Directors.

    If you have maintenance requests or concerns, please contact the management office. If for any reason we are not available, you can leave a message anytime and we will see that your concern is directed to the proper department.

    Bud Guyer, General Manager

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    Television Notices

    Tower I - Channel 15

    Tower II - Channel 49

    Tune in to the L'Hermitage Channel
    for important information, meeting notices, and social events.

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    Concièrge Department

    Tower I

    Pablo, Concièrge
    Open Monday through Friday
    10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.
    Desk # (954) 375-3100 ext. 5
    Fax # (954) 568-5740

    Tower II

    Lorraine, Concièrge
    Open Monday through Friday
    8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
    Desk # (954) 375-3900 ext. 5
    Fax # (954) 537-3563

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    Concièrge Tower II

    Summertime & the living is easy...

    My way of thinking is that summertime is the best season in Florida. We finally get our home to ourselves. No waiting for a seat at your favorite restaurant, no long wait for the bridge to open so you can get to your favorite fishing ground. And don't forget those beautiful tropical breezes off the ocean. There is so much to see and do in this area. Enjoy your home.

    As always I am here and would love to help plan a day for you.

    Lorraine, Concièrge

    Monday through Friday
    8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
    Phone: (954) 375-3900 Ext. 5, Fax: (954) 537-3563

    Be sure to ask Lorraine, our Concièrge, for the new Tower II Directory!

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    News from the Financial Side

    From the Treasurer

    In a word, things are better. We're under budget year-to-date. We are also extremely close to signing an agreement with the developer. The Board has passed a motion that allocates the funds we receive from the developer from the sale of the apartment (minus the loan) plus the sale of the parking places, to go into our reserve account. We will use these funds to pay for the coating protection we plan on putting on the balcony edges once the developer has finished fixing the rusting spots.

    We have allocated all of our "contingency" account funds this year to two major projects, the hurricane shutters and the digital recording system for the surveillance cameras. The new budget cycle will begin soon so if you have any ideas on capital expenditures for 2004, please let us know.

    Ken Forbes

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    Community Board Opening

    Because of Jay Scott's resignation, there is an opening for a finance-oriented Community Board Member. If you are interested, please submit your resumé to either management office. This will be an appointed position.

    Get Involved,
    Your Community Board

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    Amenities Committee

    The Community Amenities Committee met on June 11, 2003. In attendance were Jerry Bergheim, Roslyn Greenspan, Phyllis Sperling, Linda Hofman, Judith Herman, and Bud Guyer. The committee discussed the pros and cons of investing money in statuary for the purpose of beautifying the common areas, particularly around the pools. The committee decided that we did not have enough input about the statues from residents who live here year round and who use the pools regularly. The matter was tabled pending further feedback from our owners.

    The issue of increased lighting and additional placement of lighting for landscaping was discussed. Mrs. Greenspan, who is on the Landscaping Committee, indicated that more lighting for the landscaping was needed and was expected to be installed very soon.

    The Committee addressed a proposal presented to it by Donald Westbrook, Tower I manager, from Amdec International for replacement of all the worn out pool area chaise lounge cushions. The Committee approved the proposal and recommended that the Board vote which it did at the board meeting on June 5th.

    The issue of more signage for enhancing both the communication and the enforcement of pool rules and regulations was discussed. The Committee approved the need for larger signs placed appropriately at entrance/exit ways to/from poolside and around the pools which would facilitate resident owner's knowledge of the pool rules and which would alleviate the role of Security in enforcing these rules and regulations. The Committee recommended that the Board place an additional sign by the West pool (lap pool) stating: PLEASE YIELD TO LAP SWIMMERS AND WALKERS. In addition, owner-residents need to be held responsible for any fines levied by the Board for offenses committed by their guest(s).

    Finally, the Committee had a general discussion about the excellence of our Community Newsletter. The Committee wishes to thank Lorraine Alfano (Tower II Concièrge) and Bud Guyer (Tower II manager) for their outstanding contributions in getting our Newsletter off the ground and running as smoothly as it has been. In addition, we wish to thank all the contributors of articles for the Newsletter. Without their input we would not have as fine a publication as we currently have.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Jerry Bergheim, Mort Wagner

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    Hurricane Season
    June 1st to November 30th

    Now is the time to review the hurricane procedures in our Rules and Regulations. (See Article VIII on page 11). Also, see the Concièrge for more hurricane information, including information on safeguarding your pets.

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    Beach, Pool, and Cabaña Committee Report

    Cabañas on L'Hermitage BeachYou may have noticed the cabañas are now kept down and folded. Some residents have remarked about this. The reason is so that they are not vandalized. Several weeks ago we had two chairs and a cabaña burned. By leaving them in the flat position they are of no use to anyone and cannot be opened, pulled out of the sand and have their legs damaged.

    L'Hermitage PoolsWe are still working on the Beach Lighting project; it is taking a long time due to the Fort Lauderdale regulations.

    New cushions for the lounges are being purchased. We also have a new life-saving buoy at the beach. It's the big orange plastic thing you see at the beach.

    I wish you all a very good summer.

    Arthur Feuer, Chairperson

    See you at the pool

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    Pardon Me But...

     Your Neighbor also needs a shopping cart, so after using it, please return it to designated area or call the valet to retrieve it.

    L'Hermitage Enjoys an Evening at the Theater

    L'Hermitage Residents Join the Cast on Stage

    It all starts with four women at a lingerie sale with nothing in common but a black lace bra AND Memory loss, and MORE! This joyful musical parody is set to 28 classic baby boomer songs.

    A great time was had by our L'Hermitage residents. We laughed till we cried. Watch for more events!

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    L'Hermitage Café

    Chef Marci Boland
    (954) 568-2383
    Open Wednesday through Sunday
    11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    Candlelight al fresco dining available every Friday evening 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Menus are posted weekly and reservations recommended.

    Sunday Brunch 9:00 AM to 12 Noon

    New menu includes our famous French Toast, Three Egg Omelets, Bagels and Lox, Assorted Fruits and Breads, Fresh O.J., Cappuccino, Espresso, Tea, Coffee

    Keep your Calendar Open for our
    Fabulous Tropical Nights Dinner Party
    August 1, 2003

    Full catering services are available and menus can be obtained through either your Concièrge or at the Café.

    Gourmet To-Go individually prepared and packaged meals and soups are available for your in-home convenience.

    Be Sure to Support the Poolside Café!

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