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February 21, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 11:15 a.m. by President Pio Ieraci at Nick’s Italian Restaurant.

Board Members present: Ieraci, Berkowitz, Hamaker, Hashek, McBride, Nesbitt, Surdovel, Abruzzino, A. Adams, R. Adams, Bazerghi, Bendis, Bibace, Enriquez, Kochanowski, Larson, Madgett, Matsas, Moyyad, Muchantef, Mullan, Myles, Papineau, Pohan, Santiago, Skloff and Tripoli.

Guests present: City Commissioner Heather Moraitis; Melissa Coningsby, Assistant to City Commissioner Heather Moraitis; Mabel Hurtado, Assistant to County Commissioner Lamar Fisher; City of Fort Lauderdale Police Officers T. Gestal and T. Ryan; Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione.

Approval of Minutes - Minutes of the January 17, 2019 Advisory Board Meeting were approved.

Old and New Business

  • Fort Lauderdale Police Officers Gestal and Ryan:

    • Neighborhood crime statistics are good - 1 stolen bicycle at 4010 Galt Ocean Drive.

    • #1 crime in US is fraud/identity theft; identity theft handout was distributed and a credit card fraud IQ test was reviewed.

  • City Commissioner Heather Moraitis and her Assistant, Melissa Coningsby, were introduced. :

  • Commissioner Moraitis introduced Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione, who addressed: :

    • Referenced FBI statistics regarding decrease in various crimes in our area.

    • The stand-alone DUI unit made 500 arrests in the first year.

    • Use of RING App in condos.

    • Reviewed details of upcoming vote for the Parks bond and Police Bond.

    • Approval of the Police bond would fund construction of new Fort Lauderdale Police Headquarters. Provided history of the current building - built in 1958 for a much smaller police force that used 1958 technology. Cited many other important reasons why a new building.

  • City Commissioner Heather Moraitis:

    • Homelessness issue - homelessness & passive panhandling are not crimes; there is a new collaborative plan to house the homeless. Local residents should avoid feeding and giving money to the homeless..

    • Scooters - Will be banned March 1 from 17th Causeway to Galt. An ordinance in April will ban scooters on Galt Ocean Mile stretch. State law prohibits riding scooters on the street (even in bike lanes).

    • Ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of Fire Station 54 was a successful event.

    • Water bill rates for condos and single-family homes will be addressed at April 9 meeting.

  • Mabel Hurtado, Assistant to Broward County Commissioner Lamar Fisher:

    • Shared information about the Galt Mile Reading Center renovations.

    • Asked to follow up on remaining BCT repairs on Galt Ocean Drive. Pio discussed the handicap ramp, needed damage repairs and why BCT is responsible.

Engineered Life Safety Systems – ELSS

  • Pio gave an update: House Bill 647 and Senate Bill 1152 have been filed.


  • Quote from letter posted on web site from retired former fire chief: “nothing more than money grab.”

  • Important to keep efforts moving forward, reach out to community members and speak to our owners.

Rio Vista

  • Discussion was held regarding a proposed large low income building in the Rio Vista neighborhood. The residents of Rio Vista are proposing a bill to not approve the building and have asked for our support.

  • Gary Tripoli made a motion to send a letter to the Rio Vista organization supporting their efforts to disapprove the building. The motion was seconded and passed.

  • However, it was decided to table the motion unit our next meeting; Pio will contact the Rio Vista President for further information.

Galt Mile Website

  • Pio spoke about the need to update the look of our website. DVK Designs has been consulted with by Pio and Eric to provide a refreshed website with modern technology at a cost of $3,594.00.

Galt Mile Web Site – Newsletter – Eric Berkowitz

  • January 2019 Website statistics: 685,999 hits and 32,467 unique site visits (first timers)

  • Articles posted during the past month include:

    • January 20, 2019 - Heather Moraitis: Parks and Police Bonds - In her December 2018 Newsletter, District 1 City Commissioner Heather Moraitis spins a March 12, 2019 special election as salvation for the City's parks, and an anchor for future public safety. It’s actually a solicitation for voters to approve a tax hike, as two planned bond issues totaling $300 million will be folded into ballot questions. While $200 million will be dedicated to renovating, building out or creating municipal parks, $100 million will fund an upgraded Police Headquarters. After a decade of restraining the millage, City officials concluded that it’s time to pay the piper. Moraitis also thanks the North Beach neighborhood for hosting the successful November 28 Light up the Galt street fair; announces upcoming municipal events; and recruits District 1 volunteers to serve on their choice of several municipal Advisory Boards.

    • January 29, 2019 - Broward Commissioner Lamar Fisher: January 2019 News - In his January 2019 Newsletter, District 4 Broward Commissioner Lamar Fisher opens by advocating for two bills floated in the legislature. One strengthens the current ban on texting while driving, while the other requires mandatory certification for Sober Homes. Fisher also supports a “Housing First” approach endorsed by the new Homeless Collaborative in their plan to end homelessness in Broward; describes how mooring buoys protect local reefs; offers a new “I Spy a Manatee” mobile app to help warn boaters where they must exercise extreme caution; reviews improvements in Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport that accommodate explosive passenger growth; and cites new vessels and itineraries at Port Everglades.

    • February 12, 2019 - ELSS 2019: A New Plan - Since 2002, Galt Mile associations have served as the lynchpin of this fight to block a predatory retrofit mandate that was repeatedly opposed by Florida lawmakers, and rejected outright by every other State in the country. Following the 2016 Declaratory Statement, Florida association attorneys were swamped with angry client inquiries about opposing this unwarranted and avaricious levy on association homeowners. As observed by former legislator Ellyn Bogdanoff, transferring this burden to a dedicated statewide organization would enable thousands of other impacted associations to add their voices – and resources – to ours. A new plan to dismember one of the costliest rip-offs in Florida history is underway.

      If your Florida association is being victimized by this mercenary inequity... after perusing the ELSS Update, click any of the links to the FACTSS website, and if your association hasn't already joined this statewide effort to block a $multi-billion scam, what are you waiting for?

    • February 20, 2019 - Moraitis: Chris Lagerbloom - March Election - In her January 2019 Newsletter, District 1 City Commissioner Heather Moraitis allays concern about the departure of storied City Manager Lee Feldman and applauds a Commission decision to dodge the uncertainties that often plague an extended search for a competent replacement. By reaching into the City cupboard and promoting Assistant City Manager Chris Lagerbloom, Commissioners sidestepped the prospect of a months-long mistake-ridden learning curve as Lagerbloom hit the ground running. In a thinly veiled segue from her December message, Moraitis also offers a preparation primer for a March 12 Special Election soliciting voter approval for two 30-year general obligation bonds and a municipal election makeover.

Other Business

  • Trespass Affidavit - Discussed the importance of all buildings displaying this document.

  • Pio shared information from Visit Florida: Florida had 126 million out-of-state visitors.

  • Publix project: The final stage of due diligence is in preparation to build south of Oakland Park on the STAT medical location.

  • Traffic in our area is a huge problem.

  • Christina Skloff, 30 Thirty North Ocean Condos, shared information about her building. Three bedroom 3 1/2 bath units with 2 parking spaces range from 1.25 mil up to 1.6 mil. The units go from West to East, building has 2 story clubhouse and many amenities. There are 10 units unsold.

Treasurer’s Report - Fred Nesbitt

  • The Treasurer reported a balance of $13,173.24. Sea Ranch Lakes North is now a member.

Adjournment - The next regular Advisory Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at Nick’s Italian Restaurant.

  • The meeting was adjourned at 1:18 p.m.

Fern McBride
Fern McBride, Secretary





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