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April 18, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 11:09 a.m. by Fred Nesbitt at Nick’s Italian Restaurant.

Board Members present: Berkowitz, Hamaker, Hashek, McBride, Nesbitt, Surdovel, Abruzzino, A. Adams, R. Adams, Bazerghi, Bibace, Borrickman, Deevy, Guillan, Hall, Kerrick, Kessler, Larson, Laprade, Madenfort, Madgett, Mercado, Myles, Papineau, Sarelakos and Tripoli.

Guests present: City of Fort Lauderdale District 1 Commissioner Heather Moraitis; District 4 Broward Commissioner Lamar Fisher; Melissa Coningsby, Assistant to Commissioner Moraitis; FLPD Galt Mile liaison Officer Tom Gestal.

Approval of Minutes - Minutes of the March 21, 2019 Advisory Board Meeting were approved.

Old and New Business

  • Broward County Commissioner Lamar Fisher:

    • Gave update on library renovations

    • Bus stop issue: property owner has temporary construction permit

    • Requested feedback about issues regarding street lighting, street signage, etc. (Comments will be forwarded to the commissioner)

  • City Commissioner Heather Moraitis:

    • Working on traffic signal issue

    • Discussed the City Commission’s consideration of a new water & sewer rate study, and how one of two optional plans will provide rate parity for multi-family and single-family homeowners.

    • Working with city on a Galt Mile master plan - Pio will explain at upcoming Presidents Council meeting

    • The city is fiscally sound; local economy is growing

    • Storm water costs will be addressed

    • Developers are not paying their share of infrastructure costs

  • Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Tom Gestal:

    • Reported on Spring Break: large crowds but less than other years

    • 1 car broken into at 3720 North Ocean Boulevard

    • 5 cases stolen from a truck

    • 3 burglaries in condos: 4100 Galt Ocean Drive; 3400 Galt Ocean Drive & Ocean Manor Resort

    • Discussed prevention tips, keep eyes open, monitor association security cameras

Engineered Life Safety Systems – ELSS

  • Pio is in Tallahassee and communicated the following report:

    • Pio and Ellyn Bogdanoff offered testimony to the House Commerce Committee this morning after which HB 647 was approved by a vote of 19 Yeas vs. 1 Nay; and forwarded to the full house for a floor vote. If passed, the bill will be sent to the Senate for approval. The bill is eliciting positive feedback and winning support. A record number of supportive emails have been received by lawmakers on this issue. The legislative session ends May 5.

Beach Raker

  • Service is now seven (7) days a week.

Galt Mile Street Landscape - Ed Hashek reported for Jon Jors

  • Reported on the condition of the test trees

  • Several of the support sticks were removed and found near unsupported trees

  • “Refreshing” the Galt: the city is working on a design plan to refresh trees, street lights, etc.

Galt Mile Web Site – Newsletter – Eric Berkowitz

  • A plan is underway to modernize the Galt Mile website

  • March 2019 Website statistics: 719,352 hits and 27,567 unique site visits (first timers)

  • Articles posted during the past month include:

    • March 21, 2019 - LaMarca: First Bills - In his February 2019 update, District 93 Florida House Representative Chip LaMarca reviews his inaugural legislative output. Despite the constraints placed on rookie lawmakers and a longstanding tradition of carrying water for the legislative leadership, LaMarca still managed to sponsor House Bill 325 - entitled “Coastal Management” – addressing a deficiency he faced in the trenches. While fighting to realize the Segment II Beach Renourishment, LaMarca had to circumvent funding impediments in Washington DC and Tallahassee. LaMarca also clarifies his position on the controversial mandate forcing associations to retrofit a costly and questionable ELSS.

    • March 29, 2019 - Fisher: March 2019 News - Spring Break - In his March 2019 Newsletter, District 4 Broward Commissioner Lamar Fisher reviews turtle-safe lighting alternatives that effectively mitigate the adverse impacts of illuminating the beach during sea turtle nesting season; lists Property Tax payment options prior to the April 1 due date, cites the availability of MERGE Virtual Reality Headsets and the MERGE Cube in certain Broward County Libraries, observing how products initially designed for entertainment have become pioneering educational tools; and rolls out a Spring Break welcome mat for thousands of visiting collegians who annually spend three weeks dodging police arrest for using cocaine, fighting, and smoking weed on the Fort Lauderdale beach while drowning in tequila, vodka and beer - but then again - they do bring credit cards or Mom and Dad's checkbook – and spread about $1 billion across Florida each year.

    • April 6, 2019 - Moraitis: Runaway Water Bills - In her March 2019 Newsletter, District 1 City Commissioner Heather Moraitis describes her recent efforts to allay constituent fears about ongoing water utility billing anomalies, and explains how the City plans to mitigate those concerns. Moraitis also provides online access to information about the recently voter-approved Parks and Police bonds and City Charter changes; reviews an ordinance that prohibits electric scooters on the Barrier Island during Spring Break - enforced by enhanced police presence; thanks those who participated in the Annual Broward County Waterway Cleanup on March 2nd; and recruits District 1 volunteers to serve on their choice of several municipal Advisory Boards.

    • April 15, 2019 - LaMarca: Mid-Session Missive - In his two March updates, District 93 Statehouse Representative Chip LaMarca opens on March 18, 2019 with an affirmation of support for the right of association homeowners to decide how to best protect their homes and families - including their right to vote for or against the installation of a costly Engineered Life-Safety System (ELSS); applauds the Broward Days event in Tallahassee for promoting County interests; supports legislation that enables counties and municipalities to create community redevelopment agencies with dedicated funding constraints; advocates a bill that requires fiscal transparency and accountability by local governments and approves legislation that enhances spending oversight for state higher education institutions. In a March 29, 2019, follow-up message, LaMarca summarizes constituent feedback about a questionable mandate to retrofit an ELSS, and details his rationale for supporting Opt-out bills in the House and Senate.

    • April 15, 2019 - ELSS Update - The March 2019 LaMarca Letters are followed by a progress report about the campaign to oppose the ELSS mandate - a clinical snapshot of how the opt-out legislation - and bills from the dark side - are navigating legislative land mines.

Water & Sewer Report/Study - Fred Nesbitt

  • Fred explained our objective of achieving rate parity with single family homeowners for water and sewer usage, described how meter size may impact Multi-family rates.

Other Business

  • Ralph Hamaker: Michael Katz is seriously ill and needs our prayers.

  • Request made for recommendations of landscaping companies.

Treasurer’s Report - Fred Nesbitt

  • The Treasurer reported a balance of $11,022.49.

Adjournment - The next regular Advisory Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 16, 2019 at Nick’s Italian Restaurant.

  • The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 p.m.

Fern McBride
Fern McBride, Secretary





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