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MAY 19, 2005

The Meeting was called to order at 11:00 A.M. by President Bob Rozema.

Board Members present: Rozema, Ieraci, Berkowitz, Glickfield, Gill, Guttman, Freismuth, Gilligan, Hamaker, Leeds, Mayor, McBride, Montross, Schultz and Zolubos.

Approval of Minutes - The minutes for April 21, 2005 were approved.

Old & New Business - President Rosema introduced and welcomed Fort Lauderdale Vice Mayor and District 1 Commissioner Christine Teel:

  • She shared information on who will be running next term - District 2 Commissioner Dean Trantalis will not be running (District 2 is a very difficult area to represent; too time consuming); Jim Naugle, Carlton Moore and Cindy Hutchinson are facing statutory final terms.
  • The City’s budget process is beginning.
  • She discussed the master plan for US 1 from Sunrise to city limits - landscaping in particular
  • She discussed mixed use projects on North Federal Highway, including possible building of 14 story mixed use development on site of Solid Gold property (on US 1 north of 26th Street).
  • FLEX units increase demographic density; must plan for it, not react to it; neighborhood compatibility must be considered.
  • The City is rebuilding the ranks of firefighters and police decimated by the budget crisis.
  • The engine crew for Station 13 is funded in the budget.
  • The Air & Sea Show was a success despite the wind grounding some planes. The cost to City was $148,000, much less than other years. Pio stated that the overall benefits from the show outweigh negatives. While this is a signature event, organizers need to pay their share.
  • The Organization of American States (OAS) will meet June 5-7 at the Convention Center. Some of the $2 - 6 million which we pay for police and other city services will be reimbursed by the State Department. The City’s biggest concern is security for the 34 representatives from foreign countries and their staffs. The 17th Street bridge will be closed for 4 days.
  • Letter of support/petition was received for the Altair project.
  • The Transit Management Agency (TMA) will continue to support the jitney; usage has been consistent.
  • Chief of Police Bruce Roberts promised action within 3 months at the April 7th motorcycle noise meeting at the Beach Community Center; police to conduct lane squeezes to check mufflers and other equipment.

Click Here to read about the results of the police effort to curb noise and dangerous driving. [Editor]

Eric asked about status of Bob Fortier.

President Rozema introduced and welcomed Pompano Commissioner Kay McGinn.

  • Commissioner McGinn stated that she was pleased to observe organized, concerned citizens.
  • She has served in office for 7 years.
  • She has been involved in landscaping/beautification - the retroactive landscape code forces business people to maintain landscaping.
  • The current Pompano City Commission is sensitive to the needs of beach residents. Elected officials need to hold the line on variances to avert overdevelopment.
  • She gave an update on A1A and Atlantic Blvd.: A 25-28 story condo proposed for the east side of A1A is awaiting approval. Master plans, not site plans, have been submitted to the City to date.
  • She discussed time shares and condo/hotels. Pio commented that condo/hotels are very upscale and profitable.

Pio made a presentation to Bob Rozema of gold initial cuff link for his many years of dedicated service to the community.

Opus South - Its necessary for the revitalization of the Galt Shoppes neighborhood.

Il Lugano - Ralph Hamaker - It is progressing slowly but surely. A foundation problem which delayed the project seems to be solved. Residential units are sold out; 15 hotel units are still available.

Ralph spoke about lady in his building who fell 9 stories - she was 70 years old and only dislocated her shoulder.

Click Here to read about this remarkable incident. [Editor]

Annual Salary Survey - The cost will be $900 for the annual salary survey. A motion was made by Rose Guttman to proceed with the survey at the $900 cost; seconded by Ralph Hamaker, unanimously approved.

Dues 2005 - A motion was made by Ralph Hamaker that dues for 2005 remain at $250 per building; seconded by Eric Berkowitz; unanimously approved.

Route A1A - The new palm trees on west side of A1A were a cooperative effort between the City and residents. The dangerous stop light at A1A and 32nd Street and street people were discussed.

Beach Renourishment - Pio brought us up-to-date on the project and thanked Kay McGinn for her efforts.

Galt Mile Web Site - Eric Berkowitz reported there had been 327,837 hits in April, including about 16,500 unique site visits. New articles: May 11 & 12 - Plaza East drowning and the miraculous survival of a Coral Ridge Towers South woman who fell from her 9th floor apartment; Lori Parrish’s Advisory Board visit; beach renourishment kick-off celebration at the Diplomat Hotel; successful legislative campaign in Tallahassee.

Correspondence - Reviewed attached correspondence and police reports.

Treasurer’s Report - Leah Glickfield reported $14,695.85 in our Treasury.

Other Business Pio alerted us to a Round Table Session scheduled for June 4, 2005 with CALL and other organizations regarding condo association rules. Galt Shops are looking for storage space for Holiday lights. Our best wishes go with retiring Ocean Club Manager Bob Schultz. Bob Wolfe distributed printouts in relation to homestead fraud.


Meeting adjourned at 12:00 Noon.

Fern McBride, Assistant Secretary





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