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The Galt Mile Community Association introduces this QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER, hard copies of which will be provided to each building member of the Galt Mile Community Association. We are striving to provide all area residents the opportunity to become better informed on civic and political events occurring in our immediate area.

In addition, the GMCA web site has introduced a “FORUM” which can be found at, which provides two way communications among all residents of all the member buildings of The Galt Mile Community Association.

With these intercommunication systems functioning, and with your participation, there is every reason to believe that everybody’s opinion can be felt as one, uniting the efforts of all. In this manner we all can become part of the decision making apparatus, rather than just standing by helplessly as politicians, developers and other special interest groups make decisions that might be in conflict with our best interests. The more informed and “together” we are, the more clout we can bring to the political table when the need arises.
Your participation is needed!

The Galt Mile Community
Association Newsletter
Published quarterly in cooperation with local merchants serving the area east of the Intracoastal for the purpose of maintaining local residents well informed
Edition #001 October 1, 2001



By George Mayer
A 38 year resident of the Galt Ocean Mile


In 1953, Coral Ridge Properties, Inc., founded by James S. Hunt and Stephen Calder (the race track developer) purchased a tract of land from Arthur T. Galt of Chicago. The area consisted of most of what is now Fort Lauderdale north from Sunrise Boulevard, between U.S. 1 and the Intracoastal Waterway north to Floranada Road plus the ocean frontage north of Oakland Park Boulevard, for $19,280,000. As sections were developed, the owners annexed them to the city. The oceanfront land was platted into 22 lots 200 feet wide. The first annex to the city around 1955, was 8 lots at the south end of the “Mile”. They also donated 5.1 acres for Bayview Drive and George English Park and sold 1.84 acres to the school board in 1957 for $32,372.

The original building on the Galt Mile was The Beach Club located where part of the L’ Hermitage Condos now stand. This was a Cabana and Beach Club built to serve the new residents west of the Intracoastal Waterway. Its lower level bar and cafe called the “Lulubelle Room” was a popular spot for residents and visitors alike. It was made famous by Woody Woodbury .(or was Woody Woodbury made famous by the Lulubelle)? After a long run, the club closed in 1964.

The first oceanfront hotel was the deluxe Galt Ocean Mile Hotel built by Coral Ridge Properties. Again, a very popular facility for visitors and locals for dining and entertainment. It was the only hotel in Fort Lauderdale to offer a regular ballroom with a bar, bandstand and table seating. Some of the stars appearing were Sammy Kaye, The Count Basie Orchestra, Peggy Lee and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. The same developers later built the seven floor Enquirer Hotel on the land now occupied by South Point. Still later, a small Lauderdale Beach Rutger hotel occupied a spot midway up the beach.

Coral Ridge Property later built the Ocean Manor, the first hi rise hotel with beach frontage. Developer James Hunt and the later famous Johnny Carson occupied penthouse suites.

The first hi rise apartment was Edgewater Arms (about 1960). This was a cooperative since the Florida Condo Law was not passed by the legislature until 1963. (Similar enabling laws of condominiums existed in France in the 18OOs!)
The first freestanding restaurant in the area was located at the south end of "The Mile," an attractive Howard Johnson set amongst trees and flowers and wild parrots. It later became a Miami Sub and now is the Greek Island Restaurant.

Just prior to the Condo Act of 1963, Coral Ridge Properties developed a cooperative, Coral Ridge Towers. This was reported to be the first hi rise cooperative financed by FHA to have a swimming pool. Originally one-bedroom apartments sold for as little as $1,000 down with the assumption of a proportionate share of a 40-year mortgage. In 1964 the condo concept was fully understood and accepted on "The Mile." It developed quickly and the Galt Mile boom began, resulting in what we see today, a large residential community with many fine residential buildings. The Ocean Summit and the Fountainhead were the first two of the boom, followed by the Commodore in 1965.
The rest is current history!


A really complete all purpose center where residents in our community can congregate, play, learn and have something interesting to do and see. The Galt Mile Community Association, participating with our district city commissioners and other local elected officials, has finally made this long time dream into a reality. The Center is open to all, for a variety of entertainment, learning, and even social rooms are available to the public for meetings or parties for a nominal fee. The Center’s operation is overseen by the Parks and Recreational Department of Fort Lauderdale.

See for yourself at 3351 33rd ave, behind the 32nd, 33rd, 34th street shopping centers. - Plenty of parking! You’ll like it!

It is my great pleasure to re-start the custom of providing our member buildings with a regular newsletter that will be distributed and made available to all Galt Mile residents
One of the stated purposes of this effort is to bring more individuals into the local mainstream processes that govern our lifestyle. The more individual activists with common goals that are available in a crisis, the more chance we have of avoiding undue traffic densities and other local facility restrictions in order to preserve our chosen lifestyle.
While this newsletter is published by the Galt Mile Community Association, we expect that local merchant advertising will help pay for most of the cost of printing and distribution, resulting in little or no cost to the association. Enjoy!
Bob Rozema



  • Construction vehicles and construction personnel at site of L’Ambiance are blocking vehicular & pedestrian traffic! . . . . . . And
  • The traffic light at Winn Dixie is timed to stopping traffic 90 seconds after a pedestrian pushes the button! Seems like forever! Is that Too Long??
  • The Galt Mile Community Association will undertake to act on your suggestions and opinions to help change things for the better!
  • Go to WWW.Galt-Ocean-Mile.Org-Forum and tell us about it.



    Editor Associate Editor and Treasurer
    Robert Eagan Leah Glickfield
    Regency South
    Phone: 954-563-5876
    Regency South
    Phone: 954-563-5876

    Contributing Editors:
    All members of the Advisory Board of the
    Galt Mile Community Association

    The editors will gladly accept your suggestions, news items, and ideas for adding
    to or improving this Newsletter.


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