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3700 Galt Ocean Drive
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308
Office: (954) 563-4221, Fax: (954) 563-4228

The Royal Ambassador

The Royal Ambassador is a high-rise luxury condominium located directly on the Barrier Island oceanfront of Fort Lauderdale. All apartments are centrally air conditioned with individual controls. Situated directly on Fort Lauderdale's only uninterrupted mile of private beach, the Royal Ambassador is one of the premier condominiums on the prestigious Galt Ocean Mile, the American Riviera.

Some of the Royal Ambassador's amenities are

Location - Directly on the Galt Ocean Mile's Private Beach

Poured concrete construction for added sound control

Club room for cards or parties

Fully equipped Exercise Room

Two high-speed passenger elevators plus large service elevator

Laundry rooms on all floors

Mail Room

Secured indoor parking garage

High tech video security with 24/7 security guards

The Royal Ambassador - Beach ViewThe Royal Ambassador, along with the entire Galt Ocean Mile community, is undergoing a renaissance. During the past few years a new roof was installed, the indoor garage was waterproofed, and the driveway was resurfaced with high quality pavers. A concrete restoration project designed to refurbish and upgrade our balconies has been successfully completed. In addition, a recently applied coat of paint both brightens and protects the Royal Ambassador! These improvements have served to provide a basis for the skyrocketing unit values presently enjoyed by Association members.

The Royal Ambassador - LogoNested on a beautiful private beach, the Royal Ambassador is a short walk from pharmacies, restaurants, supermarkets, dry cleaners, liquor stores, and dozens of specialty shops for which the Galt Ocean Mile is renown. Several Hospitals and Medical Centers are a few minutes drive as is Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport and Executive Airport.



View from Beach

Beach Cabanas

Front of The Royal Ambassador

View from Beach

Board of Directors

Michael Goodman, President
Bill Frosolone, Vice President
Ross Abramowitz, Secretary
John Morale, Treasurer
Mike Mahayni, Director
Tony Pizzardi, Director
Edgar Wortmann, Director


Bryan McLean, General Manager

The Remodel of the 3 Elevators is Complete

Hurray!!! We once again have the use of all 3 elevators at the Royal Ambassador. We thank all of our residents for their patience and support during the remodel process.

New Height Restriction for Service Elevator

Please be advised now that the service elevator has been completed, there is a new height limitation, the maximum height of the elevator is 10 feet. Keep in mind that any objects that you bring into the elevator MUST be less than 10 feet so that there will be no damage to the ceiling. Residents moving furniture in and out please advise your moving companies and contractors, so that they are aware of this height restriction.

Thank You!

Royal Ambassador Management

Please Help Us with Water Conservation

We are asking for your help. In an effort to keep our water utility bill down this year, and continuing to be as green as we can be, we are asking you all to be aware of your water consumption. On a day to day basis we all overlook how much water we are actually wasting. Take a moment to walk around your home and see what you can do to help. Maybe a simple fix of a leaky faucet? Maybe not flushing tissue down the toilet? If there is even one thing you can do to help conserve it will be a step in the right direction! Below are a few tips. We ask that you help us keep costs down and help our planet while we are at it. Thank you in advance for doing your part!!!

  • Turn water off while brushing your teeth/shaving, this you can save up to 4 gallons a minute!!!

  • Check all faucets/fixtures/toilets/shower heads to make sure that they are not leaking. Many times that slow drip is an easy fix and can save 1000ís of gallons a month! Call the office for maintenance.

  • Throw tissue in the garbage instead of flushing it. Saves almost 2 gallons a flush!

  • Flush only when necessary!!!

  • When doing dishes only leave water on to rinse. Use less soap as it will require less rinsing. Saves 200-500 gallons a month!

  • Use the garbage disposal less and the garbage more. Saves 50-150 gallons a month!

  • Takes showers instead of baths.

  • Install water-efficient shower heads. Saves 1-2 gallons a minute!

  • When cleaning your car turn the hose off while soaping car and only turn on for a quick rinse.

  • Use dishwasher only when completely full.

  • Use a bucket of soap and water when cleaning the house instead of constantly running the faucet.

Thank You!

Royal Ambassador Management



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