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Mayor Fisher’s Newsletter Focuses on Storm Recovery

Mayor Lamar Fisher’s April 2023 Newsletter focuses on the county’s efforts to deal with the storm recovery of 26 inches of rain.  He thanked each and every resident in Broward County for the tremendous neighborly efforts that he witnessed throughout the County. He reminds us of the importance of being prepared for this year’s Hurricane Season. Please visit for more information.

The newsletter then focuses on specific components of the county:  Port Everglades and the importance to the economy of our county; Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport – which was closed due to flooding; and the county resilience efforts.  Last, he provides an update on the 9-1-1 call center and the issues related to this emergency call center.

 Click here to read the full April 2023 newsletter.


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News Updates from Our Property Appraiser Marty Kiar

In the May newsletter, Broward Property Appraiser Marty Kiar discusses the low-income senior exemption requirements and the process to apply and receive it.  He also updates us on the Owner Alert Program – whereby property owners are notified if anyone tries to file a change of ownership on your property.  Now, you can receive a text notification in addition to an email notification.  Over 185,000 property owners have registered for this safety program – have you?

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Broward Mayor Lamar Fisher shares important county information in his March newsletter

Broward County celebrated its beautiful environment with two great events, early in the month, the 21st Annual Water Matters Day and the 46th Annual Waterway Cleanup.

The mayor’s newsletter also discusses Broward County’s Human Services Department that provides a multitude of services for anyone in our community that needs assistance.  All the services are listed in the newsletter.  He also highlights the 311 call center, which provides a single point of contact for the services and programs offered by more than 60 agencies comprising Broward County government. Other issues are discussed as well as upcoming events such as Fleet Week and Earth Day.

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Urgent Message from Broward County Mayor Lamar Fisher on the Seaweed Emergency

I am providing the below information that we received from our Resilient Environment Department (RED) Deputy Director, Dr. Jennifer Jurado regarding the large mass of seaweed. As we all know this will be an issue that the Florida coastal cities will be monitoring and dealing with its arrival.

Background:  Sargassum is a brown macroalgae (seaweed) that is a natural part of the marine ecosystem. Sargassum has long formed large blooms in the Atlantic Ocean. In Broward County, generally between the months of March through October, Sargassum caught in the Gulf stream is pushed in by prevailing winds and makes its way to our beaches.  Sargassum accumulation along our beaches is a part of the beach ecosystem, providing a food source for shorebirds while trapping sand, fortifying our dunes and beaches, and increasing the resilience of our shoreline.

Concern:  This year’s bloom could be the largest ever, spanning more than 5,000 miles from the shores of Africa to the Gulf of Mexico.  Current satellite imagery predicts above average Sargassum accumulation on Florida beaches this season. It is difficult to predict when and where these accumulations will occur due to local changes in currents and winds, but material will likely become entrained by the Gulf loop and Gulf stream, bringing larger volumes to Broward and neighboring counties.

Coordination:  In preparation for this potential, the Resilient Environment Department (RED) is coordinating a regional stakeholder group that includes representatives from Monroe through Martin counties to exchange information and discuss potential management strategies.  This group is being convened to facilitate communications and share updates and guidance to aid management strategies throughout the southeast region and in collaboration with local communities.  This initial coordination is primarily in conjunction with our neighboring counties and agency partners. Frequency and nature of engagement will likely evolve in response to conditions. RED intends to engage concurrently with the county’s coastal municipalities to ensure everyone is kept informed over the next several months.

Note: While Broward County’s Resilient Environment Department (RED) maintains shoreline protection and coastal resource programs, the County does not provide mechanical beach maintenance, an activity managed by the coastal cities.   Best practices recommend that Sargassum be left in place to the benefit of the natural ecosystem and is typically removed by natural processes (i.e., tidal cycles). However, multiple coastal municipalities and private entities within the County maintain special permits issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) that allow for mechanical raking of the beach.   Special permit conditions specify where and when mechanical beach raking is allowed.  Methods of removal range from composting, burial, and/or disposal of the seaweed.

Angela Delaney, Marine Resources Manager, will be serving as the County’s liaison for this effort ([email protected] or 519-1207).

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Good Information from our Property Appraiser

Marty Kiar, Broward County Property Appraiser, in his latest newsletter, clarifies the requirements for low-income senior exemptions.

His office is now offering text alerts as part of their Owner Alert program.  If someone tries to file a change in the deed for your property, you can receive an email or text alert from Marty’s office.  You have so sign up for the program – it’s free.  If you have already signed up for Owner Alert by email – you can now add the text alert to your account.

Marty reminds us it is not too late to apply for your 2023 property exemption, if you are a new owner since last year or have made the property your permanent residence. .  If you already have the exemption, you do not have to sign up again.

 To read the full newsletter, click here.

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State Legislative Update

The Galt Mile Community Association received a legislative update from Ellyn Bogdanoff, from Becker Lawyers.  She spoke about the upcoming legislative session, which begins March 7 through May 5.  It is a 60-day session.

She said the agenda for this session will be set by the governor, so she does not expect many other bills to be passed.  She is hopeful that the legislature will address the “glitches” in the new condo/coop law that passed last year, as the new law has many confusing sections that need clarification.  The Engineered Life Safety System (ELSS), which requires an ELSS system and partial fire sprinklers to be completed by December 31, 2023, is still the law.  However, through rulemaking, there may be a change to the Florida Fire Prevention Code that would delay full implementation until 2027.  We will not know the final results until later this year.

Regarding rising insurance rates on both association buildings and individual units, the legislature has passed two insurance reforms, but none of these will immediately lower rates.  The big issue is the number of providers.  As the number declines, insurance rates go up.  The hurricanes in the other parts of Florida and northers states hves also raised our costs.  When we can attract more providers and more competition, then rates will fall.

Ellyn will be providing us legislative updates during the 2023 legislative session on bills introduced, status, and analyses of those bills.

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News for Our Galt Mile Neighbors

This first 2023 issue of On The Galt Mile has information important to all residents and businesses.  Topics help update residents and businesses about issues impacting them, as well as community activities and items of general interest.  Read and enjoy this issue – and be looking for the next issue.  The current issue contains the following stories.

Hear from Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis on his vision for the city.  Learn about the activities of Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner John Herbst as he helps sets the priorities for the city.  Review the activities of the Galt Mile Community Association for the past year with an annual report from President Fred Nesbitt.  Learn about the new proposed courthouse.

Keep in touch with Fort Lauderdale through the web and Facebook apps.

To read the full issue, click here

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Mayor Fisher Shares Updates in His February Newsletter

Broward County Mayor Lamar P Fisher shares important information for all country residents in his most recent newsletter.

Broward’s MPO and Broward County Receive a Safe Streets Grant of $5 million to develop a safety plan to reduce traffic fatalities. The Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Grant Program derived from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and will provide $5 billion in appropriated funds over the next five years for regional, local and tribal initiatives nationwide. Additionally, Broward County will receive about $66 million in grant funds for resilient improvement projects. The funding will advance flood mitigation, infrastructure and other water management improvements.

 Broward County’s Port Everglades recently completed a study to add shore power to the Port’s eight cruise terminals. Shore power infrastructure enables ships to turn off their engines and connect to the local electric power grid. Therefore, reducing the engine exhaust gases from cruise ships running on-board powerplants while docked which contribute to air emissions.

 Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport will welcome two new nonstop services to Tel Aviv and London later this year.

Click here to read the full newsletter from Mayor Fisher.