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Commissioner John Herbst’s Newsletter

In his first newsletter of 2023, Commissioner John Herbst speaks about the goal setting workshop the city commission conducted in January.  Herbst called for the hiring of more police officers to address short-term rentals and panhandling at intersections.  His news letter also discusses plans for a new city hall and construction of the promised park at Lockhart Stadium.

Commissioner Herbst continues to welcome the input of individuals and our neighborhood associations. He has attended the Galt Mile meetings since his election.

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Mayor Lamar Fisher Looks Back at 2022 and Forward to 2023

Our county commissioner Lamar Fisher, serving currently as Mayor of Broward County, in the latest newsletter looks back at the achievements of 2022, and envisions what the future holds in 2023 and years beyond.

Mayor Fisher envisions our community making new strides, engaging every aspect of every community and providing the very best service to all. By implementing his 3 C’s plan: Communication, Collaboration and Community, he hopes to make sure every person, family, and business is thriving in Broward County.

Some of the projects discussed in the newsletter are the Port Everglades, 911 Call Center and transportation.  He also discusses the importance of conserving our coral reef.   The newsletter also details all the activities Mayor Fisher has participated in during the past month.

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Are Exculpatory Clauses Enforceable?

Community association boards and managers often ask their lawyers to create a document which will protect them if owners or other users of the association’s facilities are injured. The communities often intend to require users of the facilities to sign these documents as a condition of allowing them to use the facilities in the hope of minimizing the association’s exposure to liability. Many times, there are issues of whether owners and others have legal rights to use the facilities which preclude the association imposing such conditions, but, for purposes of this article, let us assume we get past those issues so we may consider whether such agreements are enforceable at all.

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Marty Kiar Explains Two Homestead Exemption Renewals

In his latest newsletter, our Property Appraiser Marty Kiar explains an increase in the exemption amount for Widows, Widowers, Blind Persons and Persons Totally and Permanently Disabled from $500 to $5,000 per year.

Marty’s newsletter also details the Automatic Senior Exemption Renewals for 2023 and how to ensure your exemption is renewed.  This exemption is based on adjusted household income.

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News for Our Galt Mile Neighbors

The December 2022 issue of On The Galt Mile has information important to all residents and businesses.  Topics help update residents and businesses about issues impacting them, as well as community activities and items of general interest.  Read and enjoy this issue – and be looking for the next issue.  The current issue contains the following stories.

Meet our new local elected officials:  Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner John Herbst; Broward County Mayor Lamar Fisher; and Florida State Representative Chip LaMarca.

Fort Lauderdale is listed in the top of the real estate market for commercial growth and development.

Track what is happening in Fort Lauderdale by going to several key websites.

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Mayor Fisher Update on 911 Call Center

In his latest newsletter, Mayor Lamar Fisher updates us on the issues surrounding the 911 call center.  On December 6, the County Commission discussed the issues with the Regional 911 system. During the discussions we confirmed that we are committed to make the necessary adaptations as recommended by the draft FITCH report. My colleagues, administration and I are fully committed to working with BSO to enhance the regional system and enhance public safety.

The newsletter also discusses travel information and tips for those using the Fort Lauderdale airport.  The Port Everglades cargo volumes fell one day short of breaking its own annual record by just 919 containers.  The Port was recently awarded a $19 million federal grant to modernize several cargo docks and ensure efficient operations over the next 75 years.  Broward County Cultural Division presents the third annual art and light festival, IGNITE Broward, January 26-29, 2023. For more information and a list of special events, visit

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Understanding Homestead Exemptions

In his latest newsletter, Broward County Property Appraiser Marty Kiar discusses many aspects of the homestead exemption.  Important information includes the question:  do I have to renew my homestead exemption in 2023?

After your initial application for Homestead Exemption has been approved, it automatically renews each year unless there is a change of ownership or eligible use of your homesteaded property.  Each January, our office mails a Homestead Renewal Notice and “Change Card” to all Homesteaded properties. If your name is not printed above the mailing address section on this card, it means you are not protected by Homestead Exemption at this property.  You may be on title to the property, but you are not receiving Homestead Exemption.

The newsletter also discusses homestead portability and where did the savings go.

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