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Vice Mayor Lamar Fisher’s July Newsletter Shares Much Information

Vice Mayor Fisher discusses several issues in his July Newsletter.  The first issue is making sure we are doing everything we can to assist the homelessness crisis in our community. I know many residents have contacted me expressing their concerns and it is one of the top issues that is discussed when I attend community meetings. Broward County’s Homeless Continuum of Care (CoC) manages $31 million County, State and Federal funding that is provided to 21 CoC partners that deliver 64 programs with services to approximately 9,178 people experiencing homelessness annually.

He also discusses new initiatives being undertaken by the county.  The county is working toward providing individuals with SafeLink phones with access to the BigBurgh App (currently applied in the City of Pittsburgh) that provides real time services available with GIS overlay on how to access services. Other initiatives include, engaging every school in Broward County in the Homeless Management Information System, having a dedicated street outreach and medical/clinical team at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport, and increasing the dedicated direct service team within the Homeless Initiative Partnership to address critical situations on major corridors and expedite housing placement.

To read the full July newsletter, click here.


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Questions About Your 2022 Property Assessment or Exemptions?

Property Appraiser Marty Kiar’s office mailed over 776,000 TRIM (proposed tax) Notices to Broward County property owners in August. The 2022 Just/Market Values are based on the market data from 2021 as Florida Statutes require our office use January 1 as the date of assessment each year. The TRIM Notice you received shows your 2022 market value, any tax-saving exemptions you are receiving, and the proposed tax amounts as set by the various taxing authorities listed on the notice. It is important to remember the Property Appraiser’s Office does not set or collect taxes.

If you believe you are entitled to a Homestead Exemption or any other exemption not shown on your TRIM Notice, you may still late file for any 2022 exemption until September 19, 2022. For a list of all the available tax-saving exemptions and to apply for these exemptions online, please visit our website at or call us at 954-357-6830.

Click here to read Marty Kiar’s full newsletter.

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Late File for Portability from Marty Kiar

Broward County Property Appraiser Marty Kiar informs us in his latest newsletter that portability allows eligible property owners to pay less property taxes at their newly homesteaded property by transferring all or a portion of the Save Our Homes (SOH) savings from one Florida property to another Florida property within the strict time frame allowed by law. If you qualify, Portability will reduce your property’s assessed value, resulting in tax savings this year and possible tax savings in future years depending upon the market value of your home each year.

Read more about property portability in Marty’s newsletter by clicking here.

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2022 TRIM Notices

The Broward County Property Appraiser’s Office mails the TRIM (proposed tax) Notices in August of each year. This is NOT a tax bill but a notice showing your property’s 2022 just value, exemptions and proposed taxes as set by the various taxing authorities. The TRIM Notice is your opportunity to review your 2022 just value and ensure you are receiving all the tax-saving exemptions you are eligible for.

Florida Statutes require our office use January 1 as the date of assessment each year.  The 2022 just values are based on the market data from 2021. Our office must consider changes in market conditions – up or down – when developing the just/market values each year. The 2022 just values will reflect the significant changes in the 2021 market data. As the real estate market trends upward, most property owners will see increases in their just/market values.

Property Appraiser Marty Kiar’s newsletter also answers key questions about the Homestead Exemption.  Click here to read the full newsletter.

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2022 Property Exemptions – It Is Not Too Late to Apply

According to Broward Property Appraiser Marty Kiar, the timely deadline to apply for any 2022 exemption was March 1; however, applicants can still late file until September 19, 2022. If you both owned and made the property your permanent residence as of January 1, 2022, you can still apply for 2022 Homestead Exemption and any other exemptions you may qualify for. You can easily apply for Homestead Exemption online at as well as view all the other exemptions available to qualified applicants.

While the Property Appraiser’s Office does not set or collect taxes, our office receives many calls from residents inquiring about installment tax bills and their recently approved exemptions. Broward County’s Records, Taxes & Treasury Division is responsible for the billing and collecting of property taxes.

Click here to read the full newsletter from Marty Kiar.

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Vice Mayor Lamar Fisher shares info in his May/June Newsletter

Summertime is quickly approaching, and we can already feel the heat! Graduations are taking place, summer vacations are starting, and grills are getting ready for pool/beach days. As we spend time with our families, I urge residents to stay safe from the brutal south Florida heat, stay ready for major weather events or heavy rainfalls and check in and help your elderly neighbors this summer.

His newsletter addresses hurricane season and the tax-free shopping days to buy hurricane supplies.  It also speaks about the 911 call center, that has recently been in the news for understaffing.  Other items of interest include Broward County Rental Assistance Program, Mosquito Control Services, and Sea Turtle Nesting Program for those on the ocean.

Click here to read Vice Mayor Lamar Fisher’s complete newsletter.