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Mayor Fisher Update on 911 Call Center

In his latest newsletter, Mayor Lamar Fisher updates us on the issues surrounding the 911 call center.  On December 6, the County Commission discussed the issues with the Regional 911 system. During the discussions we confirmed that we are committed to make the necessary adaptations as recommended by the draft FITCH report. My colleagues, administration and I are fully committed to working with BSO to enhance the regional system and enhance public safety.

The newsletter also discusses travel information and tips for those using the Fort Lauderdale airport.  The Port Everglades cargo volumes fell one day short of breaking its own annual record by just 919 containers.  The Port was recently awarded a $19 million federal grant to modernize several cargo docks and ensure efficient operations over the next 75 years.  Broward County Cultural Division presents the third annual art and light festival, IGNITE Broward, January 26-29, 2023. For more information and a list of special events, visit

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Understanding Homestead Exemptions

In his latest newsletter, Broward County Property Appraiser Marty Kiar discusses many aspects of the homestead exemption.  Important information includes the question:  do I have to renew my homestead exemption in 2023?

After your initial application for Homestead Exemption has been approved, it automatically renews each year unless there is a change of ownership or eligible use of your homesteaded property.  Each January, our office mails a Homestead Renewal Notice and “Change Card” to all Homesteaded properties. If your name is not printed above the mailing address section on this card, it means you are not protected by Homestead Exemption at this property.  You may be on title to the property, but you are not receiving Homestead Exemption.

The newsletter also discusses homestead portability and where did the savings go.

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Mayor Lamar Fisher is our New Broward County Mayor

In his first newsletter as Mayor, Lamar Fisher shares with us many important items affecting county residents.  We congratulate Lamar on his selection as Mayor and look forward to working with him in 2023.  Mayor Fisher stated, “I’m honored to take on this role and I look forward to continuing working with my colleagues and County Administration to move the County forward. The mayor’s functions include serving as presiding officer, and as the County’s official representative. Although, I’m taking on this role, I will continue to represent residents of District 4.”

The outgoing Mayor (Mayor Michael Udine) made the annual State of the County presentation. Our County is currently at a very strong point with all our economic engines regaining momentum as we come out of the pandemic. Tourism is at an all-time high, our unemployment rate is below the national average, and businesses continue to move to Broward County for all the greatness we have to offer.

Other issues covered include Manatee Season started November 15 and runs through March 31.  U.S. Flag Disposal Program – Broward County participates in the national campaign to support flag etiquette with the U.S. flag disposal program.  Climate Summit Broward County is excited to host the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Summit, a major regional event. County.  Coastal Dune Grant Program is now accepting applications for new dune restoration and enhancement projects, visit Applications will be accepted through January 31, 2023.

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October News for Our Galt Mile Neighbors

The October 2022 issue of On The Galt Mile has information important to all residents and businesses on the Galt Mile.  Topics discussed in this issue help update residents and businesses about issues impacting them, as well as community activities and items of general interest.  Read and enjoy this issue – and be looking for the next issue.  The current issue contains the following stories.

Light Up the Galt – November 17 from 6-9 pm – tree lighting at 7 pm

Retirement of Our City Commissioner Heather Moraitis

Smoking and Vaping Ban on Fort Lauderdale Beach

Video of the Galt Mile and Its Beauty

Tracking Progress on Commission Priorities

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On The Galt Mile

Discover The Galt Mile lifestyle.  An elegant neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale with the best tropical climate, pristine beaches, shopping, dining and nightlife.

Enjoy the luxurious lifestyle unique to The Galt Mile, with the sunrises over the ocean and sunsets over the intracoastal. 

The Galt Mile is walking distance to all residents – and visitors alike.

Come live, visit, shop, dine, play and enjoy the uniqueness of The Galt Mile.  Click here to view the video.

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Broward Vice Mayor Lamar Fisher Shares His Thoughts

In his October newsletter, Vice Mayor Lamar Fisher shares his reactions to Hurricane Ian.  Southeast Florida dodged a major catastrophe in late September, but our neighbors to the west and central Florida were not so lucky. The end of hurricane season is November 30 and as we witnessed, there is always an uncertainty of where these storms will make landfall. This is why everyone must be prepared before a major weather storm comes our way. Our County Administrator was in constant communication with administrations from the west coast. After assessing that Broward’s damage was minimal, we quickly mobilized to send assistance.  He details all the assistance provided by Broward County.  For more information on the County’s efforts and for vital hurricane preparedness information, visit

Broward County’s Office of Economic and Small Business Development (OESBD) will be hosting the 7th Annual Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo (FITCE) October 19 and 20 at the Convention Center. This is a great opportunity for businesses big and small to learn about international trade resources and assistance, engage with leaders from more than 60 countries to sell products or services and learn from special sessions

 With the housing crises continuing to burden our residents in South Florida, Broward County is making a greater effort to invite landlords that have vacant units to participate in the Project Home Again project. Project Home Again is an easy, convenient way for landlords to fill vacant units in Broward County with paying tenants while helping veterans, families and others rebuild their lives. And rent is guaranteed! All tenants are pre-screened, payments are on-time and security paid up front. As evictions continue to rise, this is a great way for landlords to help us give more residents a place to call home. For more information visit

Libraries Overdue Fines: The Board of Commissioners approved an initiative that has eliminated late fines for library books, DVDs and other materials returned after the due date. Additionally, any existing late fines on current library cardholders accounts were cancelled. For more information visit


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