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Good Advice from Our Property Appraiser Marty Kiar

In his latest newsletter, Marty Kiar clarifies that the Property Appraiser’s Office does not set your tax rates, collect property taxes, or determine how the tax revenue is allocated by local government. Florida law requires his office to assess all property based on the market data on January 1 of each year. The tax bill you receive this November from the Broward County Tax Collector is for the 2022 tax year. If you purchased your home in 2022 and the previous owners of your new home were entitled to and received Homestead Exemption or any other exemption on January 1, 2022, you may have inherited their exemptions on your 2022 property tax bill. Florida Statutes require these 2022 exemptions be removed for 2023 and the property be reassessed at the 2023 Just/Market Value. This will often result in an increase in your 2023 property taxes so it is important you apply for 2023 Homestead Exemption and any other exemptions for which you may qualify. If you have any questions regarding your Homestead Exemption or other tax-saving exemptions, please contact the Customer Service Department at 954.357.6830.

The newsletter goes on to discuss escrow adjustments based on your 2022 tax bill and you can pay your taxes through a quarterly installment plan offered by Broward County, where the newly approved 2022 exemptions will be applied to the 3rd and 4th installment payments.

Click here to read Marty Kiar’s full newsletter.

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News for Our Galt Mile Neighbors

The September issue of On The Galt Mile has important information for all residents and businesses on the Galt Mile.  Topics discussed in this issue help update residents and businesses about issues impacting them, as well as community activities and items of general interest.  Read and enjoy this issue – and be looking for the next issue.  The current issues contains the following stories.

Welcome to On The Galt Mile

Property Owners’ Get Advice on Deed Fraud

State of the City Address

City Aims to Improve Safety on Public Streets

Light Up the Galt November 17

Motorcycles/ATVs Racing on Our Streets

To read the full issue, click here

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Vice Mayor Fisher’s September Newsletter – Great Information

Vice Mayor Fisher’s September Newsletter – Great Information

 In his September newsletter, Vice Mayor Fisher discusses the impact of King Tides on our area – important for those driving in various parts of Broward County. Residents and visitors are encouraged to monitor conditions and stay alert during these high tide times. Future expected King Tide dates have been predicted for October 8-11, October 25-27, October 28-29, and November 24-26. For more information, please visit

Broward County’s FY23 Budget was adopted and the millage rate stayed the same for FY2023.  For more information on the budget, visit Electric buses are become more common – 12 of the 413 buses are electric, and 46 are hybrid electric.  This next year, an additional 26 electric buses will be added.

Click here to read Vice Mayor Fisher’s complete newsletter.

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August Newsletter from Vice Mayor Fisher

Broward County Vice Mayor Lamar Fisher covers several important topics in his August newsletter.  He reminds us the months of August and September are the height of the hurricane season, and to make sure everyone is well prepared for any weather event that may come our way. There are several school safety zone projects in District 4 that are being funded through the one penny surtax program, which is now called the Mobility Advancement Program (MAP). Residents can visit the public project dashboard to view all the projects happening near them.

Broward County’s Records, Taxes and Treasury Division now provides a new free Recording Notification Service for property owners that will send an email alert if a document changing or updating the ownership of the property is being recorded. This service is separate from the Property Appraisers Owner Alert notifications. Property owners are encouraged to sign up for both services.  For more information, call 954-831-4000 or visit

The newsletter also talks about the Broward County Film Summit and the emergency rental assistance program.  Click here to read the full newsletter. 












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TRIM Notices Explained

Broward County Property Appraiser Marty Kiar, in his recent newsletter, explains the TRIM notices sent to all property owners in Broward County.  It is NOT a tax bill.

The Broward County Property Appraiser’s Office mails the TRIM (proposed tax) Notices in August of each year. This is NOT a tax bill but a notice showing your property’s 2022 just value, exemptions and proposed taxes as set by the various taxing authorities. The TRIM Notice is your opportunity to review your 2022 just value and ensure you are receiving all the tax-saving exemptions you are eligible for.

Florida Statutes require his office use January 1 as the date of assessment each year. The 2022 just values are based on the market data from 2021. His office must consider changes in market conditions – up or down – when developing the just/market values each year. The 2022 just values will reflect the significant changes in the 2021 market data. As the real estate market trends upward, most property owners will see increases in their just/market values.

The final tax rates with be set in September by the county, city and school district.

Click here to read Marty Kiar’s newsletter.   

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New Condo Inspection Bill Webinar

Everyone has questions about the new condo bill that will impact all condominiums and condo in Florida.  The members of the Galt Mile Community Association will be directly impacted in two ways:  reserve studies and requirements, and additional safety inspections.

Because the bill was passed by the Florida Legislature in two days during special session, there are many unanswered questions about how it applies and what condos really have to do to meet these requirements. In an attempt to help clarify these issues (as we know them today), a webinar presentation covered many topics and answered several questions, but also indicated there are many unanswered questions.

The webinar, entitled, “Part Two: New Condo Inspection Bill” had presentations from three leading experts in the field:

Michael Bender, Kaye Bender Rembaum law firm;

Evan Bradley, Campbell Property Management; and

Scott Harvey-Lewis, Building Mavens.

Click here to view the webinar and learn more about this important piece of legislation.  On this link, you can separately view the slides from the PowerPoint presentation. 

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Help Yourself and Your Building

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue has established a program called “Community Connect” whereby property managers and individual owners can input important data to be used by firefighters in an emergency.  It cuts down response time and saves lives.

The program is free.  Simply go to Community Connect and sign up as a property manager or an individual owner.  The department is looking for contact information, special needs persons in the unit, pets, occupancy, and other vital factors to make the firefighters’ job easier during an emergency.  When an emergency occurs, the owners are notified and may be asked for additional information.  It is especially important in high-rise buildings, where getting to the apartment takes extra time.  Watch the video to see an example of Community Connect in Fort Lauderdale.

Community Connect is designed to build a safer Fort Lauderdale through Prevention, Preparedness, and Response.

Click here to read the brochure from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue about Community Connect.

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New Condo Bill Adopted

The state legislature passed and the governor signed a new condo/coop law this spring, SB4D.

What is amazing is the state legislature passed and the governor signed the bill in three days.  They have implemented a solution for a problem (Champlain Towers collapse) that they don’t know the cause.  One sponsor stated that this new law would ensure there will never be another Champlain Towers incident.  That’s a remarkable statement to make – based on “best guesses.”  On another issue, the legislature provided no relief for condos/coops facing steep increases in insurance coverage.

Attached is a 4-page summary (of an 89-page bill) describing the key elements and dates in the new law as it applies to the members of the Galt Mile community.  The key dates in the new law are highlighted:  January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2024.

Please read the disclaimer at the top of the summary.  Interpretations and implementation information are being generated almost daily on this new law. You should consult your legal counsel regarding the new compliance provisions in the law.

Click here to read the Galt Mile prepared summary of new condo bill.

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Commissioner Moraitis’ August Newsletter

Commissioner Heather Moraitis’ latest newsletter focuses on the commissioning of the USS Fort Lauderdale, which arrived in Port Everglades and was commissioned on Saturday, July 30th! The commissioning of USS Fort Lauderdale is the result of many years of coordination and I would like to thank everyone who supported this mission, especially the commissioning committee, led by Chair Patricia Du Mont and Fundraising Chair Jack Seiler, and the ship’s crew.

As an amphibious transport dock ship, USS Fort Lauderdale, whose motto is “Together We Fight” is a warship designed to embark, transport and land elements of a landing force for a variety of expeditionary warfare missions. The 684-foot ship, costing $1.8 billion weighs more than 7000 tons and can transport 800 Marines and landing craft.

Click here to read Heather Moraitis’ latest newsletter.