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Qualifying for Exemption

In his latest newsletter, Property Appraiser Marty Kiar explains how to qualify for the

2024 Limited-Income Senior Exemption. If you are not required to file an income tax return based on your age and income, you would qualify for this exemption.

He also explains that it is not too late to file for the 2024 property exemptions – as you have until September 18, 2024.  If you both owned and made the property your permanent residence as of January 1, 2024, you can still apply for 2024 Homestead Exemption and any other exemptions.

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Commissioner Lamar Fisher Update Us on County Issues

Our County Commissioner, Lamar Fisher, provides a comprehensive update on Broward County issues in his latest newsletter.  The Broward Heart Project is an initiative funded by the Broward County Commission that encourages Broward residents to see if they are eligible for this free non-invasive test. Some prerequisites include being 45 to 70 years old with active health insurance, a family history of heart disease or have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol. Learn more and apply at

 Broward County’s Transit Department has partnered with the Human Services Department, Housing Options, Solutions, and Supports Division (HOSS-D) to address the issues of unsheltered people at bus terminals, bus stops and on certain routes. The Broward County Aviation Division received a $50 million grant to fund a portion of FLL’s Terminal Connectors project, which consists of the construction of enclosed post-security walkways between Terminals 1 and 2 and Terminals 2 and 3.

 To learn more about these issues and others, click here to read the full newsletter.

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Commissioner Fisher County Update

Broward Commissioner Lamar Fisher updates us on county issues in his latest newsletter.

Broward County Transit held the ribbon cutting ceremony for its inaugural electric express coach bus, providing sustainable and efficient transportation options for the region.  County Commissioners approved additional transportation choices for BCT’s Late-Shift Connect Program.

 Broward County Parks and Recreation Division adjusted its gate entry fees for regional parks. The new fee for weekends and holidays is $3 per vehicle for up to eight people. They recently completed its first systemwide Master Plan, designed to help direct staff as we continue to improve our parks, amenities, and services for Broward County’s growing and diverse population.

There are additional updates and upcoming events in his newsletter.  Click here to read the full newsletter.

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Automatic Renewal for the Limited-Income Senior Exemption

In his recent newsletter, Property Appraiser Marty Kiar discusses a change in the Limited-Income Senior Exemption renewal process that no longer requires seniors to sign and return a renewal card.  After the initial application approval, the Senior Exemption automatically renews each year unless the senior notifies our office that they exceed the income requirement for this exemption. People who received the Senior Exemption in 2023 and are still living at the same address do not need to send in a signed renewal card to continue receiving this exemption.

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Commissioner Fisher End of Year Newsletter

Commissioner Lamar Fisher provides a year-end review of happenings in Broward County.  The first item is the New River Crossing update. The Broward County Commission and the City of Fort Lauderdale held a joint workshop meeting to discuss the New River Crossing for the Broward Commuter Rail Project on December 5, 2023. After much discussion, many of the Commissioners agreed that while we all prefer a tunnel under the New River, we must make a choice now of the most fiscally responsible option while keeping in mind timelines, environmental impacts and much more. His newsletter contains a cost comparison chart of the options.

Broward County Commission also held a workshop to discuss the County’s Affordable Housing 10-Year Plan.  Since its inception in 2018, the funds placed in the trust helped increase the affordable housing units by 2,668 units with about $123.1M in gap financing and 4,870 total units with other funding sources.

Click here to read the full newsletter and read about other projects and activities taking place in Broward County.

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Have Homestead Questions?

In his latest newsletter, Broward Property Appraiser Marty Kiar answers key questions about the homestead exemption.

Does it automatically renew?  What if there is a change of ownership?  Do I have to reverify my homestead exemption?  What if there are no changes?  What happens in case of death of one owner?  What happened to my portability savings?

If after reading the newsletter, you still have questions, contact Marty’s office for assistance.

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Commissioner Fisher Completes Term as Mayor

Commissioner Lamar Fisher has completed his one-year term as Mayor of Broward County.  We thank him for his great service to Broward County and say how proud we are of him for the excellent job he did as mayor.  He now returns to his regular Commission 4 duties.  As mayor his focus was on his 3 C’s Plan: Communication, Collaboration and Community. He was able to visit all 31 municipalities to ensure that each community is aware that the County is here to help as we work together on many regional issues.

Other items covered in his newsletter include the Disney Cruise Lines at Port Everglades,

Broward County’s new government center update, and record sea turtle season this year.

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Getting Ready for 2024 Homestead Exemption

In his latest newsletter, Property Appraiser Marty Kiar discusses the steps and timeline to apply for your 2024 Homestead Exemption if you do not currently have an exemption or you are a new property owner.  If you acquired the property as your permanent residence in 2023 and have not applied for Homestead Exemption, you can apply for 2024 exemptions at any time – there is no need to wait until 2024 to file your exemption application. You can easily apply online at

The timely deadline to file for all 2024 exemptions is March 1, 2024. The late filing deadline for all 2024 exemptions is September 18, 2024.

Your Homestead Exemption automatically renews each year provided there is no change in the ownership or use of the property.  If you have any questions about Homestead Exemption or any other exemptions, please call 954.357.6830 or email me at [email protected].

To read the full newsletter, click here.

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Mayor Lamar Fisher Updates us on County Issues

In his October newsletter, the mayor updates on all the activities happening in Broward County.  Broward County’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) took a major step this month as they hosted the groundbreaking event to mark the start of construction for the Terminal 5 Project.

The Broward County Commission held a Commuter Rail Workshop to discuss the findings of a study that was commissioned by both the County and the City of Fort Lauderdale to determine the most cost-efficient way to get over the New River. We are working to bring Commuter Rail from Miami all the way up to the county line in Deerfield Beach.

 The Broward County Commission and community stakeholders welcomed the new state-of-the-art Nancy J. Cotterman Center (NJCC) on October 23. NJCC is Broward County’s only Certified Sexual Assault Program, Accredited Children’s Advocacy Center, and Child Protection Team. It has been serving the community since 1977. The new facility, located at 2995 W. Dixie Highway in Oakland Park, will open to the public in November.

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