The Galt Mile Community Association, as an active Florida corporation, is governed by a mission statement and by-laws. The Mission Statement enunciates the purpose of the corporation. The By-Laws serve as the guidelines that provide direction. The keystone ingredient required for corporate sustenance is the ability to adapt and evolve. A credible reflection of the Galt Mile Community Association’s success in this regard can be found in the Meeting Minutes. The Mission Statement, By-Laws, and Meeting Minutes represent the GMCA’s corporate history.


Article II of the by-laws in the Galt Mile Community Association corporate documents reads as follows.


The general nature and purposes of this organization shall be as follows::

  1. To improve the operation of our buildings by cooperative efforts and study.
  2. To improve and protect the area and the environment within the Galt Mile community.
  3. To continue a good relationship with the City, County, and State authorities and, to that end, cooperate with and
    secure the cooperation of said authorities.
  4. To encourage the members to understand and participate in the concerns of the Association.
  5. To facilitate a pleasant personal relationship among the buildings.

What This Means…

Galt Mile Community Association serves to improve our neighborhood, building operations, relationships with the City, County, and State authorities, and relationships with one another. The Galt community needs to be concerned and educated about the issues that impact our homes and businesses.

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