Laws & Statutes

The legal skeleton of a Homeowner Association is a set of governing documents established to provide participating residents with objectives and direction as they aspire to promulgate a safe and prosperous neighborhood. This is the case whether the neighborhood is comprised of several city blocks or a single multi-residence domicile. The condominiums and cooperatives that embody Galt Ocean Mile all enjoy the protection afforded by these guidelines. Our “Condo Docs” and “By-Laws” preserve the individual homeowner’s rights while protecting the “neighborhood” from the tyranny of certain individuals who feel it appropriate to “overstep their bounds”. However, the enforceability of these Declarations of Condominium, By-Laws, and Meeting Minutes added to regularly by well intentioned Directorial Boards, are subject to the laws and statutes of superior jurisdictions. These include federal law as well as the statutes of the State of Florida, Broward County, and the City of Fort Lauderdale. This section seeks to provide those interested in exploring these superior jurisdictional guidelines with access to those laws and codes that have direct impact on our homes. The links are reasonably self explanatory.


“The Condominium Act”
Chapter 718 of the Florida Statures

“The Cooperative Act”
Chapter 719 of the Florida Statures

“Homeowners Associations”
Chapter 720 of the Florida Statures

Division of Florida Condominiums,
Timeshares and Mobile Homes

Florida Administrative Code

Florida Insurance Statutes

Florida Elections Statutes

Florida Public Health Statutes

Florida’s Cardiac Arrest Survival Act

Florida’s Good Samaritan Act

Florida’s Stalking Statute

State of Florida Building Construction Standards

State of Florida Building Code Statute

State of Florida Building Code Online

State of Florida Fire Prevention and Control Statutes

State of Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

State of Florida Towing Statute

Community Association Management Statute

Secure Florida – Florida’s Cyber Security Resource

National Domestic Violence Hotline

F.C.C. – Installing Antennas and Satellite Dishes

F.T.C. Central Website for Identity Theft


F.T.C.’s National Do Not Call Registry

U.S. Department of Transportation (FMCSA)
Interstate Moving

U.S. Department of Transportation (FMCSA)
Interstate Moving Fraud Red Flags

Florida Department of Consumer Affairs Intrastate Moving

The State of Florida Intrastate Moving Statute

Broward County Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Division

Broward County Building Permitting

Broward County Consumer Resources and Information

The Broward County Code of Ordinances

City of Fort Lauderdale Code of Ordinances

City of Fort Lauderdale Department of Sustainable Development

City of Fort Lauderdale Building Services Division

City of Fort Lauderdale Code Compliance Division

The Municipal Code (All – Nationwide!)

Florida Government-in-the-Sunshine Law

The Lemon Law
Lemon Law Hotline: 1-800-321-5366 or
(850) 488-2221 (out of state)

The State of Florida Lemon Law Statute

The Property Appraiser Home

Broward County Charter

Broward County Clerk

Frank Stockinger’s Code Page
 Retired Fort Lauderdale Code Compliance Officer Frank Stockinger
maintains a comprehensive collection of code-related links.