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Commissioner Moraitis’ August Newsletter

Commissioner Heather Moraitis’ latest newsletter focuses on the commissioning of the USS Fort Lauderdale, which arrived in Port Everglades and was commissioned on Saturday, July 30th! The commissioning of USS Fort Lauderdale is the result of many years of coordination and I would like to thank everyone who supported this mission, especially the commissioning committee, led by Chair Patricia Du Mont and Fundraising Chair Jack Seiler, and the ship’s crew.

As an amphibious transport dock ship, USS Fort Lauderdale, whose motto is “Together We Fight” is a warship designed to embark, transport and land elements of a landing force for a variety of expeditionary warfare missions. The 684-foot ship, costing $1.8 billion weighs more than 7000 tons and can transport 800 Marines and landing craft.

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Commissioner Heather Moraitis Discusses Latest Issues in June Newsletter

Commissioner Heather Moraitis, in her June newsletter, discusses waterways in Fort Lauderdale.  The City Commission is committed to continually improving waterway quality. We have initiated programs to reduce pollutants and remove trash from our 165-miles of waterways. The City has conducted educational campaigns on preventing discharges, infrastructure improvements such as swale rehabilitation to improve the quality of stormwater reaching the waterways, and the implementation of pilot and restoration projects directly to address water quality in our waterways. In the newsletter, she also discusses the Galleria Mall project, commissioning the USS Fort Lauderdale, and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.  She also focuses on the proposed movie studio complex project, pickleball courts, and the results of the 2021 neighborhood satisfaction survey.

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Commissioner Moraitis Shares City Updates in New Newsletter

Commissioner Heather Moraitis, in her May newsletter, shares with us several important updates around Fort Lauderdale.  With the planned upgrades to Bayview Drive, this may cause some traffic slowdowns, so you may want to avoid the area during the construction period.  There will be a meeting on June 6 to discuss the plans for new structures at the Galleria Mall.  She shares an update on the City Commission priorities as of April 22 and pictures of her involvement in the community.

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Vice Mayor Heather Moraitis Reports on Homelessness

Vice Mayor Heather Moraitis recently spent time in Los Angeles to look at the city’s response to homelessness.  This is a priority issue for the Fort Lauderdale City Commission.  She is committed to finding solutions to this issue in our city.  The bottom line is homelessness is a housing problem.  Tight housing markets accentuate vulnerabilities of people living in poverty.  In Broward County, with housing cost rising, 50% of households are struggling to find and afford housing.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department has a homeless outreach unit consisting of two officers whose primary mission is to assist homeless individuals in shelter placement and other services.  Any questions or concerns should be addressed to:

Officer Brian Blount:  [email protected] – 954-828-5279

Officer Scott Hagemann:  [email protected] – 954-828-4274

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Vice Mayor Moraitis Reports on City Priorities in Newsletter

Vice Mayor Moraitis reports on the city commission’s yearly goal setting for the city.  The commission’s goals include preserving public places and building new parks; public safety; infrastructure; transportation, traffic, resiliency, homelessness, historic preservations, and building a diverse economy.  She also reports on the priorities set by the Florida League of Cities during their action days in Tallahassee.  She ends the newsletter with pictures and stories about her activities out in our community.

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Vice Mayor Moraitis Provides Year-end Report

In her year-end report to us. Vice Mayor Moraitis highlights the key activities and issues facing the city commission in 2021. Moraitis is very proud of all the accomplishments during the year including Inter Miami playing their first soccer match, reopening the War Memorial, International Swimming Hall of Fame, and Tortuga and the Boat Show returning to Fort Lauderdale.

As our city commissioner, we are thankful for all the assistance she provided us on issues directly affecting the Galt Mile and projects in the planning stage.  Heather and her staff, Melissa and Erica, are always available and helpful in all inquiries regarding the Galt Mile.  We are so fortunate to have her as our commissioner, proud she is the Vice Mayor, and look forward to 2022 with all the challenges we will face.

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Vice Mayor Moraitis Reports on Light Up the Galt

Vice Mayor Moraitis reported on Light Up the Galt night on November 18.  She stated, the rain could not stop us from kicking off the 4th annual Light up the Galt! Thank you, North Beach Restaurants and Shoppes owners and city staff for working with us to plan this event. The beautiful holiday decorations along with the many business owners and residents make this a special area of our city to visit all year long. Her report also describes activities in our community in which the Vice Mayor participated.

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