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Rep LaMarca Update on Legislative Session

Rep Chip LaMarca’s newsletter provides an update on the recent legislative session in Tallahassee.
The special session was focused on a handful of specific issues extremely important to me and our fellow Floridians. I am also very pleased to see the My Safe Florida Home was a part of the special session because I was proud to sponsor this piece of legislation earlier this year and it is good to see so many people taking advantage of this program that assists Floridians in hardening their homes for storm protection.

I was also proud to the Co-Sponsor of HR-11 Support for Israel and condemning Hamas with my fellow Representatives.

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Rep. Chip LaMarca Provides Legislative Wrap-up

State Rep Chip LaMarca, in his latest newsletter, provides a wrap-up the recent state legislative session that concluded on March 14 in Tallahassee.  The newsletter talks about funding coming to our area in the budget as well as bills filed and those that passed.  Overall, there were 3,755 bills filed and 285 bills passed both houses of the state legislature.

One issue of great interest to the Galt Mile was a bill to designate a section of A1A from the beginning to the end of Galt Ocean Drive as the “Pio Ieraci Memorial Drive.”  Pio served as the president of the Galt Mile Community Association for over 20 years, and was a leader on neighborhood, city, county and state issues important to the Galt Mile.  The bill was sponsored by Rep LaMarca. The bill is awaiting the governor’s signature.

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Rep Chip LaMarca Updates Us on Local Happenings

In his latest newsletter, Rep. Chip LaMarca discusses various issues facing our state that could be addressed by the state legislature when it convenes on January 11.  There are reprints of his articles in the Sun Sentinel 100 influential leaders as well as pictures from his activities in our community.  We thank Chip for participating in our dedication of Pio Ieraci Place on the Galt Mile.

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Legislative Committee Weeks Update from Rep LaMarca

In his latest update, Rep LaMarca reports that the Legislature had a very productive committee week process before this year’s legislative session, which will begin on January 11th. During these six committee weeks, the Florida House discussed gaming, education, held special session, and more.

After last year’s historic budget due to the pandemic, economists have estimated that we will have more in general revenue than previously expected for this fiscal year, along with following 2022-2023 fiscal year. This additional revenue does not include the $6 billion in Coronavirus stimulus money, which has not been tapped into and remains in the State’s reserves.

Rep. LaMarca goes on to report on several important legislative bills filed in the State House.  Click here to read the full Legislative Update.

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State Representative Chip LaMarca Reports on Legislative Actions

Our state representative Chip LaMarca provides an overview summary of all the legislation passed in 2021 by the Florida Legislature.  He is now beginning to prepare for legislative committee weeks throughout the remainder of the year and prepare for the 2022 legislative session in January. The highlights from the 2021 legislative session include a monumental $101.5 billion budget, which includes a significant amount of Federal COVID-19 Relief funding. The budget leaves a historic $6 billion in reserves to ensure that Florida is always prepared for a better tomorrow.

Please see the details and a review of legislation by clicking here.