Report Card

An eclectic assortment of motivated individuals is escorted into office on a regular basis. Is their unique talent for kissing babies and predictably appearing at community center openings accompanied by a modicum of interest about the issues that touch our lives? Do they represent us? If not, who do they represent? Did they vote for or against our objectives? It would be nice to know if the person belonging to the name you punch in on your ballot is accepting gargantuan contributions from the insurance industry or Florida Power and Light. Who is getting the job done and who is doing a job on YOU! This section provides links to your representatives web sites. It also accesses resources useful for investigating suspicious voting records. Follow the Money!

NEW! – You can now find your (or any) elected federal, state and local officials and send them your input regarding any issue with a few clicks. Check the candidates for any race or register to vote…online! Did your local newspaper get it wrong? Contact the local media and straighten them out! Click Here to see the new contact section. Try it…you’ll like it…and it works!

Visit Your Politicians!

The web sites and e-mail links for your federal, state, and local representatives are available here. Click on the names below or the pictures of the representatives at right to go their respective web sites. Click on the e-mail links below or on the NAMES under the pictures to send an e-mail.