Commissioner Moraitis’ August Newsletter

Commissioner Heather Moraitis’ latest newsletter focuses on the commissioning of the USS Fort Lauderdale, which arrived in Port Everglades and was commissioned on Saturday, July 30th! The commissioning of USS Fort Lauderdale is the result of many years of coordination and I would like to thank everyone who supported this mission, especially the commissioning committee, led by Chair Patricia Du Mont and Fundraising Chair Jack Seiler, and the ship’s crew.

As an amphibious transport dock ship, USS Fort Lauderdale, whose motto is “Together We Fight” is a warship designed to embark, transport and land elements of a landing force for a variety of expeditionary warfare missions. The 684-foot ship, costing $1.8 billion weighs more than 7000 tons and can transport 800 Marines and landing craft.

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