Report from our City Commissioner

Commissioner John Herbst shared a wealth of information about Fort Lauderdale in his latest newsletter for residents in District 1 (that’s us).  He shares with us his concerns about the impact of SB-4D on all condo/coop residents. This legislation mandates that associations conduct structural integrity reserve studies every ten years. Undoubtedly, this requirement comes at a significant cost to condo owners.

In light of this, I took it upon myself to introduce a resolution aimed at addressing the severe impact of this bill on our seniors. The City Commission and I will work on resolution language that urges the Florida Legislature to establish a grant or low-interest loan program specifically for full-time residents facing these substantial repair bills. It is my firm belief that the state, which created the legislation driving this issue, should step in to assist our community members. The state possesses the resources and abilities that localities like ours do not. In addition, I was able to include this as an item on our legislative agenda for our lobbyists to work on in the upcoming session. I encourage you to reach out to state House Representative Chip LaMarca and state Senator Jason Pizzo. Together, we can make our voices heard and work toward a solution that supports our community in this challenging time.

City of Fort Lauderdale residents can apply online for our Resident Parking Rate Program. This program is designed to provide a special rate for neighbors while parking in City parking lots, garages, and on-street spaces using PayByPhone.

I look forward to seeing everyone on November 30 at Light Up The Galt.

To read the full newsletter, please click here.

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