Understanding Homestead Exemptions

In his latest newsletter, Broward County Property Appraiser Marty Kiar discusses many aspects of the homestead exemption.  Important information includes the question:  do I have to renew my homestead exemption in 2023?

After your initial application for Homestead Exemption has been approved, it automatically renews each year unless there is a change of ownership or eligible use of your homesteaded property.  Each January, our office mails a Homestead Renewal Notice and “Change Card” to all Homesteaded properties. If your name is not printed above the mailing address section on this card, it means you are not protected by Homestead Exemption at this property.  You may be on title to the property, but you are not receiving Homestead Exemption.

The newsletter also discusses homestead portability and where did the savings go.

Click here to read the full newsletter.


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