Mayor Fisher Update on 911 Call Center

In his latest newsletter, Mayor Lamar Fisher updates us on the issues surrounding the 911 call center.  On December 6, the County Commission discussed the issues with the Regional 911 system. During the discussions we confirmed that we are committed to make the necessary adaptations as recommended by the draft FITCH report. My colleagues, administration and I are fully committed to working with BSO to enhance the regional system and enhance public safety.

The newsletter also discusses travel information and tips for those using the Fort Lauderdale airport.  The Port Everglades cargo volumes fell one day short of breaking its own annual record by just 919 containers.  The Port was recently awarded a $19 million federal grant to modernize several cargo docks and ensure efficient operations over the next 75 years.  Broward County Cultural Division presents the third annual art and light festival, IGNITE Broward, January 26-29, 2023. For more information and a list of special events, visit

To read Mayor Fisher’s full newsletter, click here.


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