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You want to see that new Spielberg movie but you don�t know where its playing. We can help. There�s a show in Miami that someone said is worth looking into. We can help. You forgot the starting time for an event at the community center. We can help. On this page you�ll find movie times, locations, and reviews. Want a script, a DVD, info about a 1927 movie, scroll down the page. Ditto for shows - either transplanted from Broadway or cooked up in a South Florida theatre. We didn't forget night clubs, entertainment events and festivals! How about Fort Lauderdale at night? I�ts all here.�s only , plenty of time to make it if you leave now. Enjoy!

Find your favorite movies. Check the locations and the starting times. While you�re here, read the might change your mind! In a hurry...just pop your zip code into the Fandango Box at right to check the movie start times and locations for all the fare in the area! You can also enter the name of a movie or actor/actress in the Fandango Box to buy tickets. Give it a try. Alternatively, use the MovieFone widget to find where movies are playing, their screen times at each theater, any news generated by a film or its box office impact and how your favorite celebrities are currently pursuing their neverending quest for headlines. Want a script? Try the Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb) Search Box. Want to check out a movie review for any movie, past or present? Click Here to the Movie Review Query Engine. If you like how Rotten Tomatoes reviews movies, follows hot celebrities or looks at the "Biz", Click Here for their take on recent releases and related info. If you prefer, Click Here for reviews from Rolling Stone. For all of these, simply click on the HEADLINE of the review to get the full review. Movies on CD an DVD are also reviewed. You can keep abreast of the Movie News with a simple click on the leader. See how MetaCritic applies its unique analytics to score current films by Clicking Here. Look into the world of Critics, order a script or set up a trade with another movie CD or DVD owner to watch ANYTHING for free! The Internet Movie Database is the comprehensive film source on the web. Use the IMDb Search Box to obtain unparalleled cinema information. It couldn�t be easier! This section contains links to motion picture related information. Popcorn is not available.


The consumate movie sight, Movies.Com carries Showtimes at Local Movie Theaters, Movies just released and a Movies News section featuring 14,000 articles about anything in the world of film. If you prefer your movies at home, check the New DVD Releases and the new Blu-Ray Movies. Peruse the giant DVD and Blu-Ray Archive. Movies.Com has all the latest Buzz: from critic Dave White and a neverending stream of current Movie Reviews. Check out movies before you leave the house - immerse yourself in the expansive section of Trailers and Clips. Since they have been gobbled up by Fandango, a Comcast ticketing site, Movies.Com offers the resources of Fandango. Not bad.


Fandango, one of the nation's leading moviegoer destinations, sells tickets to more than 24,000 screens via its web site, Mobile App and telepehone service (1-800-FANDANGO). Fandango entertains and informs consumers with exclusive film clips and trailers, Movie times sorted by Zip Codes, Theaters, Cities, etc., Movies currently playing, Upcoming Movies and a truckload of Movie News. Get flicks cut as Family movies, lots of superheroes in Hero Central, horror films in House of Screams, Saturday and Sunday fare on Weekend Ticket (by Morgan Freeman), and movies canned for children in Reel Kids. Read celebrity interviews in Behind the Screens and Movie News. It also offers the ability to quickly select a film and conveniently buy tickets in advance. In April 2007, Fandango was acquired by Comcast Interactive Media (CIM), Comcast's vehicle that develops and operates Internet businesses focused on entertainment, information and communication. Fandango's founding partners include the nation's leading exhibitors: Carmike Cinemas, Century Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Edwards Theatres, Regal Cinemas and United Artists Theatres. Additional partners include AMC Theatres, American Cinematheque, Brenden Theatres, CineArts Theatres, Cinebarre, Cobb Theatres, Hollywood Theatres, IMAX, Kerasotes Theatres, King Theater Circuit, Majestic Crest Theatre, Premiere Theatres, R/C Theatres, Reading International Theatres, Wehrenberg Theatres, and Winchester Theatres. Together, these exhibitors represent more than half of the entire U.S. theater market and the vast majority of all theaters in the nation enabled for remote ticketing.


Founded in 1989 and acquired by AOL in 1999, MovieFone is the best place to find engaging movie and TV content that includes news, reviews, exclusive interviews with A-list stars, galleries, trailers, original video series (Weekend Watchlist, Unscripted), and so much more. You can sort your movie search for New Releases by genre, rating, or popularity; find nearby or list favorite Theater Locations; taste before you watch by screening headbending Trailers; Preview the movies scheduled to be released through the end of the year; or explore your watchfare by Genre. Working with every major theater circuit, MovieFone's legacy feature will provide you with the Showtimes for every movie on the planet. For those who prefer to spin reels at home, MovieFone offers the same info for DVDs, Blu-Ray and upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray releases.

Cinema Blend

Cinema Blend is the most popular, independently owned online entertainment site, one of the best movie review and commentary sources on the internet. Hosting an ever growing database of hundreds of interesting reviews, movie previews, and editorials written by Editor-In-Chief Joshua Tyler and the crack staff of Cinema Blend writers, was founded in 2000 as the oddly named ��. Currently they�re syndicated in print and on the web, their 13 million monthly unique visitors read more than 41 million pages a month. The Movie Reviews are accessible via browsing or a specialized search engine. Peruse the Features Section to read interviews, top ten lists, contests, and editorial archives that offer a unique take on current films. Previews, Movie News, and sections for Pop Culture (about 12,000 Popular Culture articles), Games (more than 28,000 Gaming articles), and Television (about 20,000 TV articles).

Movie Review Query Engine

Excellent Movie Review Search Site. The huge database (980,000 reviews!) is sorted in a plethora of useful varieties. Aside from the 110,000 titles, you can search for Recent Releases in the US, Top Ten in the US Box Office, US Video releases this month, AFI�s 100 greatest American Movies, Most popular titles, London, New York, Venice, Montreal, and Cannes Film Festival entries, and dozens of other formats. Great Site!

Internet Movie Database Inc. (IMDb)

The IMDb provides its users with free, fast access to the largest body of movie information on the Internet. The content is continually updated and is enhanced by a whole range of search options and extensive cross-referencing. All this, combined with a searchable database of more than 150 million data items including more than 2.7 million movies, TV and entertainment programs and more than 5.5 million cast and crew members, makes the IMDb the focal point for movie information on the Internet. The site is used by everyone from film professionals checking up on what�s going on in the industry through to the average movie goer deciding which movie or video to see next.

E! Online

The Entertainment Channel�s entry into the internet, E! Online is the home of pop culture on the web. Reaching more than 23 million unique users per month in the U.S. across its digital platforms and millions more across multiple international editions, E! Online delivers breaking entertainment news and in-depth coverage on celebrities, television, movies, music, fashion, beauty and lifestyle, groundbreaking live-event coverage of awards shows, major entertainment news and movie premieres - everything pop culture. With an unparalleled footprint across all digital platforms. The company is a leader in online video with more than 58 million cross-platform video views per month. Every single minute, more than 1300 E! video clips are consumed nationwide. E! Online is also a leader in the mobile space with over 15 million monthly unique mobile users, and a leading entertainment brand across social with over 40 million social followers.


JoBlo.Com is a grass roots movie site that has something for everyone. Built from the ground up by Founder/Owner/Critic Berge Garabedian, the site is quoted regularly by Sympatico NetLife, USA Today, E! Online, Yahoo! Internet Life, Fade In!, the Dallas News, the Montreal Gazette, Total Film and ReelViews as a prime film news and information source. They offer huge sections for Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers as well as Blu-Ray/DVD reviews. Get the release dates for both Movies and Blu-Ray/DVDs. They have deep archives. Check out the plethora of canned Movies and Posters. For in-depth research, they offer Movie Talk, Interviews, Box Office, Scripts and a sizable Celebrity Database. Much, much more...

Movie Vault

An established (10+ years) movie review and news website, Movie Vault currently has over 2500 high-quality reviews, a proud accomplishment for a site not pumping millions into itself (and without a corporate sponsor). The site's other focus is Movie News. has a number of movie-related games and trivia to pique your curiosity and show your stuff. also sports an active movie community and forum with over 180,000 posts and 10,000 members.

Movie Vault New Movies

Movie Vault New Trailers

Movie Tickets combines the proven market expertise of its parent companies -- AMC Entertainment, Hollywood Media Corp. (NASDAQ: HOLL), National Amusements, Cineplex Entertainment, Marcus Theatres (NYSE: MCS), Viacom (NYSE: VIA) and Time Warner -- to offer moviegoers a convenient resource to buy movie tickets online and to access local showtime information, trailers and reviews. sells tickets online, via mobile device and at 877-789-MOVIE. It does Ticketing for more movie screens across the United States, the Caribbean (Antigua, Aruba, Bermuda, Cura�ao, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Trinidad), Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom and Canada than any other service. Participating theaters consistently represent over 60% of the top 50 grossing theaters on any given weekend. Purchasing tickets at is simple. Users click on, select a movie and showtime, and buy their tickets with a credit card. customers can email tickets to friends and family members. Most of the web sites that have ticketing services actually use Skip the middle man...CHECK IT OUT!

TV Guide�s MovieGuide

Old Reliable. TV Guide takes advantage of their impressive arsenal of resources to provide the film's back story in Movie Scoop, movies on Television, films available through On Demand and a peek at the flick on Movie Trailers. Get insider reviews by Matt Roush and learn what's happening on the other side of the camera in The Biz .

Yahoo! Movies

Arguably among the best search engines on the internet, Yahoo! has developed a premium movie site (an areas wherein they slam-dunk Google). They combine their stockpile of Reviews, News, Showtimes of every movie in every theater, Photos, Trailers, Clips, Videos, Interviews, Previews, and Box Office data with a section intriguingly tagged Behind the Scenes!

Film Comment

For moviegoers who aspire to the industry's intersection of art, science and literature, Film Comment�s reviews are chock full of in-depth analysis and insider information. Hosted by the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York City, the Film Comment website began as the organization�s print magazine. Today, Film Comment is the premier website to find professional critiques of indie and art-house films, as well as intelligent reviews of Hollywood blockbusters. Guided by renowned editors Gordon Hitchens, Richard Corliss, Richard Jameson and currently by Gavin Smith, the magazine's online archive extends back to 1964, two years after it began as a quarterly.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is an entertainment powerhouse. Rolling Stone Magazine has been the Bible for entertainment junkies from Hollywood to Broadway. Their web site, because it can respond to breaking information at light speed, outserves the print version by lightyears. They carry sections for Music, Movies (Movie News, Reviews, Interviews & Features, Videos), Culture, lists, TV, Country and - of course - politics.

We decided to bring the Movie Reviews to YOU! Check Below!

Click the Refresh Button on your Browser to Resolve Reviews

SouthFlorida.Com Movies, the entertainment vehicle of hometown newspaper The Sun-Sentinel, is referred to religiously by movie-goers in the Fort Lauderdale area. Their web site carries the same complete movie information as the print edition. If you have become habituated to perusing the Sun-Sentinel for your movie news, times, and locations, dig in!

Miami.Com Movies

Miami.Com is the entertainment & Lifestyle web site for the Miami Herald. A South Florida "to do" site for shopping, boutique hotels and putting on a high end feed bag, the site specializes in filling seats in local theaters. It locates all the theaters in South Florida and the current Showtimes for each film. It offers pages of reviews, movie news (AKA the gossip for which Miami serves as ground zero), and the film insights of film critic Rene Rodriguez in Reeling with Rene.

The New York Times - Movies

All the movie news that�s fit to print. For those of you who harbor a residual nostalgia for checking the Times Movie Section, this should do the trick. The New York Times has one of the finest Movie Guides on the planet. They are internationally known for their �on the money� reviews. In addition, they carry one of the largest movie review archives in the world.

Zap2It Movies is the result of a merger between two popular web destinations -- UltimateTV and MovieQuest. They are part of Tribune Media Services (TMS), the number one supplier of TV and Movie information in America. Their clients include: The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, USA Today, Yahoo!, Warner Brothers Entertaindom, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, DishTV, MovieFone, TiVo, WebTV and hundreds of other partners online and in print. MovieQuest offered movie fans the most comprehensive and accurate local theatre listings (including Galt Ocean Mile) on the web, plus Movies now playing, information about upcoming films and more. Zap2it combines the best of MovieQuest with extensive television listings (its primary endeavor). It centralizes information about your favorite stars, movies and TV shows in one place.

Rotten Tomatoes

Created by movie-buff Senh Duong in 1998 and currently owned by Flixter, Rotten Tomatoes has grown into the premier destination for both casual movie-goers and film buffs alike. With over 20 million readers each month using Rotten Tomatoes to research hundreds of thousands of titles and millions of reviews in its ever-growing database, Rotten Tomatoes offers a fun and informative way to discover the critical reaction on movies from the nation�s top print and online film critics, neatly summarized via the Tomatometer�. Read volumes of Movie News and bottomless feedback from Critical Gurus. Check out currently playing Movies, their showtimes, Weekend's Top Box Office, Upcoming Films, "Best Of" and "Top Ten" movies sorted by genre, time, and other factors and "Certified Fresh" - films acclaimed by aggregation. To chew before you view, try the Photos and Trailers. Click Here to quickly look up movie showtimes and order tickets online.


According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, this site has a �rich collection of commentary and information about masterpieces of American cinema.� Created by Tim Dirks in 1996 and owned by AMC Networks, this is an award-winning, unique resource for classic film buffs and all who are interested in films, including film Guru Roger Ebert. A.K.A. "Greatest Films", it includes interpretive and detailed plot synopses, review commentary, an unparalleled wealth of film reference material, and historical background for hundreds of classic Hollywood/American and other English-language films in the last century. View the The 100 Greatest Films, the 200 Greatest Films, the 300 Greatest Films, the Greatest Box Office Films, the Greatest Directors, the Greatest Film Stars and the 100 Most Controversial Films of All-Time.


Internationally acclaimed American journalist, screenwriter and film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times (from 1967 until he succumbed to Cancer on April 4, 2013), Roger Ebert was the first film critic to win the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 1975 and the only movie critic with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Arguably the most notable film critic in recent history, almost a half century of Eberts reviews are available on, developed by Roger Ebert, Chaz Ebert and Josh Golden (Ebert Digital), along with web development partner Table XI. Although Ebert has passed, his handpicked team of renowned collaborators will continue to publish reviews that mirror Eberts' style in content, intellect, wisdom and panache. The user-friendly site is easily searched and explored. Read the Reviews, a collection of more than 300 films Ebert classified as Great Movies, the handiwork of international cinephile correspondents picked by Ebert in Far Flungers and the coverage cream of cinematic projects and festivals in Channels.


Launched in January 2001, Metacritic has evolved over the last decade by distilling many critics' voices into a single Metascore, a weighted average of the most respected critics writing reviews for movies, TV, music and games - online and in print. Contributing Critics herald from virtually every major entertainment venue in the business - thereby eliminating geographical impact. Ranging from 0-100, higher Metascores indicate better overall reviews. To expedite comparisons, Metascores are highlighted in three colors: green scores for favorable reviews, yellow for mixed, and red for unfavorable. The huge Movie section includes Movies currently in theaters, upcoming films, DVD & Blu-Ray, and Trailers - along with those receiving the Highest Metascores.

See below the MetaCritic Scores for Recent Releases

Click the Refresh Button on your Browser to Resolve MetaCritic Scores

Internet Movie Script Database Inc. (IMSDb)

If you enjoy movies you've come to the right place, the Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb) is the biggest collection of movie scripts available anywhere on the web. Our site lets you read or download movie scripts for free. All the scripts are in HTML format so you can read them right in your web browser. Budding and renowned screenwriters come here to absorb structural ideas and inspiration. You won't need any additional software to access and enjoy the huge selection of free movie scripts. Check out the Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb) Search Box on this page.

SwapaDVD - DVD Trading Club

Possibly the biggest movie swap club in the United States is SwapaDVD, with a large membership of movie lovers sharing more than 250,000 DVDs in their database. That's a lot of movies, and as long as you are 18, living anywhere served by the US Postal Service and not incarcerated, you could be trading yours with them a few minutes after joining for free and listing your used DVDs too. After providing a completely free service for years, they adopted a 49� swap fee - pretty cheap. Psst. Want a free DVD? SwapaDVD encourages new members by giving them one free DVD sharing credit when they join and list their first ten titles on the site. Since each normal DVD will cost you just one credit to order (box sets, TV show series etc. cost more as they are more expensive to buy) that's a free DVD movie you can order from anyone else on the site and have delivered to your doorstep free of charge. How cool is that! Once you have listed your used DVD swaps onto the site, you will start receiving swap requests from other members. Comparable trades are available for music and books on siister sites SwapaCD and Paperback Swap. Easy - and it works!

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a professional honorary organization of over 6,000 motion picture professionals, was founded to advance the arts and sciences of motion pictures; foster cooperation among creative leaders for cultural, educational and technological progress; recognize outstanding achievements; cooperate on technical research and improvement of methods and equipment; provide a common forum and meeting ground for various branches and crafts; represent the viewpoint of actual creators of the motion picture; and foster educational activities between the professional community and the public-at-large. The �Oscars� site presents Events and Exhibitions, the History of the Academy, and an enormous research department including the Academy Film Archive and a complete multi-sorted Academy Awards Database.

Click on buttons below to go to desired entertainment page.

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Movie Tickets

Find Theater Showtimes

Movie Database

Enter the name of a movie, TV show, or person and then click "Go" to get more information about it/them from THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE (

Movie Reviews

Enter the a movie title, actor, or director and then click "Go" for relevant reviews from THE MOVIE REVIEW QUERY ENGINE (

Movie Scripts

Search the Internet Movie Script Database Below

Mel Gibson

Lord of the Rings - Elijah Wood

X-Men Apclypse - James McAvoy

Gangs of NY-Leonardo DiCaprio

Spiderman - Tobey Maguire

Captain America - Chris Evans

Matrix - Keanu Reeves

For those of us that enjoy theater, South Florida nourishes a small but vibrant stage and a rich tradition. The University of Miami�s Ring Theater has spawned innumerable thespianic talents. Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach are some of the road stops that productions sometimes make as part of the development and refinement process that Broadway bound theatrical efforts evolve through. Along with the Broward Center, Broward Stage Door, The Florida Stage, Hollywood Playhouse, Jackie Gleason Theater, Kravis Center, Lake Worth Playhouse, and the Miracle Theater, there is a thriving �Dinner Theater� in South Florida. These links tender a menu of locally available theater. Fort Lauderdale is home to a plethora of local productions that range from excellent to horrendous. Ya pays ya money, ya takes ya chances! Good Luck!

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Miami.Com - Performing Arts

While the Miami Herald features a comprehensive Performing Arts section, Miami.Com is the cultural secret internet identity of The Miami Herald. This web site provides a full plate of local (and national) theater related offerings. A section called Center Stage shines light on the full spectrum of Performing arts - plays, musicals, and theater productions in Miami. Get the theater listings, up-to-date competent reviews by theater critic Christine Dolan, who also offers her theater notes in the Miami Herald Blog - Drama Queen. This site also has an events search engine sortable by Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale.

SouthFlorida.Com - Theater

The Sun-Sentinel offers a current and comprehensive stage page on sister site SouthFlorida.Com. The site offers capsule reviews, audition schedules, theater news, openings, and a Performing Arts search engine that locates local theater, dance, and comedy club productions.

Lest we overlook the nocturnally inclined, this section offers links to the heart of Fort Lauderdale's (and South Florida's) Night Life. There are myriad clubs that range from radical to raunchy. Some are well atmosphered while others are monuments to insomnia. Determining which is which is half the fun!

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Fodors - Nightlife in Fort Lauderdale

The internationally renown vacation specialists, Fodors is the world�s largest English language travel guidebook publisher. 60 years of experience entitles Fodors to authoritatively recommend Bars, Arts Centers, Dance Clubs, Music Clubs, and Casinos gracing the Fort Lauderdale landscape.

SouthFlorida.Com - Nightlife

Whether you�re craving a place to dance in Weston, a high energy club in Las Olas, or a friendly neighborhood saloon in Pompano, you�ll find it here. Through its SouthFlorida.Com online entertainment venue, the good old Sun-Sentinel maintains a sizable database of interesting ways to spend post-midnight down time. They�ve archived every club genre (i.e. DJ/Dance, Karaoke, Beach, Blues, Comedy Club, Beer/Microbrew, Country, Gay/Lesbian, Piano Bar, Lounge, Open Air, Irish, Latin, Pool Hall, Sports, German, Dance Club, Cigar Bar, etc.) and made them accessible through a neighborhood-sorted search engine. Just punch up your genre choice and whisper your preferred location and voila, your club appears. Have Fun!

Miami.Com - Night Clubs

In addition to the Miami Herald's Music and Nightlife section, Miami.Com offers up more Miami after dark. They carry a huge database of entertainment related entries, 434 of them being nightlife venues! Access information about these Night Spots within 70 miles of Fort Lauderdale via the site's excellent search capabilities. Also read about the Band of the Hour, immerse yourself in the local Cocktail Culture and Miami Mixology in "Clink", get first hand info about Miami and South Beach nightclubs, lounges, and bars from Club Scout, among Miami's world-class natural resources are Latin Night Clubs, new or upcoming Nightlife in Velvet Underground, Friday and Saturday Night surprizes in Weekend Ticket, and an always fresh Nightlife Picture Gallery.

Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau

Created by the Board of Broward County Commissioners in 1987, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau (GFLCVB) is funded by a portion of the five percent tax on hotel rooms (as of July 1, 1996). The GFLCVB promotes the Greater Fort Lauderdale area as a premier leisure and meeting destination. They have compiled a sampling of outdoor cafes with music, jazz clubs, entertainment spots, comedy clubs and other Greater Fort Lauderdale area nightlife attractions. There is also a section for Multicultural Nightlife & Gaming.'s NightGuide Network - Fort Lauderdale's Fort Lauderdale NightGuide is a Single Source for Nightlife Information. NightGuide Fort Lauderdale brings you information that includes club locations, nightlife events, and other nightlife information. Night Clubs are sorted by Location and by Category. The site provides Club Reviews by the Clubs and their patrons. Also available are Club Events. Night clubs are classified by genre and user ratings accompany each listing. The Nightlfe venues include Jazz, Blues Music, Bar, Gay, Dance, Sports Bars, Country & Western, Pubs and Rock. For a rundown of all the Fort Lauderdale after dark venues, check the Club Directory.

The live events that flourish in Fort Lauderdale are one of the city�s cultural underpinnings. Marvelous Multicultural Festivals, unique musical offerings, world famous tropical attractions, and fabulous street fairs bespeckle Fort Lauderdale from Riverwalk to Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. Find out where and when RIGHT HERE! These events transpire every day in your own backyard. Millions of vacationers travel to Fort Lauderdale each year to participate. Find Out Why!

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SouthFlorida.Com - Entertainment Events

The Sun-Sentinel keeps its finger on the municipal pulse of Fort Lauderdale events. They will connect you with Live Music Events, Theater and Dance Events, Comedy Events, Book Events, and a downloadable Free Event App that will help fill all the open slots on your calendar. Speaking of which, they have an event calendar that, when you click on a particular date, whisks you to a summary of choices. Their Broward Must-See Guide will provide a photographic trip to the best County attractions. Local events include breakfasts/lunches, education/seminars, Galas/Black Ties, Runs/Walks and participant sports, Fairs/Festivals and outdoor events, and Business & Prof. Groups/Chamber of Commerce special events.

Miami.Com - Events

The Miami Herald's Miami.Com covers events from the Keys to the Palm Beaches and more. Check out a summary of music, stage shows, festivals and other things to do in Fort Lauderdale this week. Its updated each Friday. Try the South Florida Events Search Engine to find out where and when it�s happening. Search for thousands of events by date, interest or location. In addition to Sports, Education, Arts & Crafts, Dance, Food & Dining, and Music, they highlight Fairs & Festivals, Community Events, and Business & Tech happenings. Top off your visit to this site by checking the Guides, handy tools for recreating in the area. Whew!

Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau

Created by the Board of Broward County Commissioners in 1987, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau (GFLCVB) is funded by a portion of the five percent tax on hotel rooms (as of July 1, 1996). The GFLCVB promotes the Greater Fort Lauderdale area as a premier leisure and meeting destination. Check their Events Calendar to learn what�s happening around town. They maintain a special section for Arts & Entertainment Events such as music and dance. Go to the Multicultural Guide section to be afforded a complete schedule of Multicultural Arts & Culture.

Fodors - Sights & Attractions

The internationally renown vacation specialists, Fodors is the world�s largest English language travel guidebook publisher. 60 years of experience entitles Fodors to authoritatively recommend the top sights and activities in the Fort Lauderdale area. They present the location, price, directions, general description of the event, scheduling information, telephone access and, in many cases, the internet address.'s EventGuide Network - Fort Lauderdale's Fort Lauderdale EventGuide is an Arts and Events calendar for Fort Lauderdale, serving both residents and visitors. Greater Fort Lauderdale -- between Palm Beach and Miami -- embraces some 30 municipalities, including Pompano Beach, Wilton Manors, Weston and Hollywood, packed with arts, cultural and sporting events. Events are sorted by Month, by Venue - and for sport fans - by BarTeam. You can see Today's Events, an overview of Fort Lauderdale's Annual Events and hundreds of Upcoming Events.







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