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This page provides links to a wide variety of governmental and political web sites. It differs from the Governance section in that it encompasses a broad spectrum of governmental categories as opposed to focusing strictly on our homes and our Association-related interests. It is loosely organized around a jurisdictional hierarchy. The available sites are useful for researching a business, a neighbor, an issue, a politician, or your legal rights. The web sites range from official governmental links to NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that either influence the decision-making process or are component to a larger bureaucracy.

The Governmental Categories are as follows:

Click on one of the above links to zip to the appropriate category!

International Organizations

Permanent Missions to the United Nations
The United Nations (UN)
The United Nations Secretary-General
The International Court of Justice
Organization of American States (OAS)
The European Union (EU)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
World Health Organization (WHO)
The World Bank

Federal Government

The White House
The President of the United States
The Cabinet
Office of Management and Budget
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Missions
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Army
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Navy
U.S. Air Force
U.S. National Guard
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Department of Justice
Office of the Attorney General (USAG)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Federal Bureau of Prisons
U.S. Marshals Service
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
Civil Rights Division
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Office of the Director of National Intelligence
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
U.S. Secret Service
U.S. Treasury Department
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve System
Small Business Administration (SBA)
U.S. Department of Commerce
International Trade Administration (ITA)
National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)
National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)
U.S. Census Bureau
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
NOAA�s National Weather Service
National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries)
National Ocean Service
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
Federal Trade Commission
U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
U.S. Department of Education
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
National Park Service
Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
U.S. Geological Survey
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
MEDLINE plus Health Information
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Social Security Administration (SSA)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
U.S. Postal Service
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
National Archives and Records Administration
NARA - Federal Register Main Page
Federal Register
U.S. Government Publishing Office
U.S. Government Bookstore
GovInfo - The Federal Register Index (FR): Main Page
U.S. Government Information
Smithsonian Institution

The Congress of the United States
The U.S. Senate
The U.S. House of Representatives
Congressional Record
The Library of Congress

The Supreme Court
Federal Judiciary Home Page
U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit
Florida Middle District U.S. Court
Florida Middle District U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Florida Southern District U.S. Court
Florida Southern District U.S. Bankruptcy Court

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The State of Florida

Official Portal for the State of Florida
The Governor�s Office
The Florida Cabinet
The Florida Attorney General
The Florida Office of Civil Rights
The Florida Department of State
The Florida Division of Elections
The Florida Division of Corporations
The Florida Division of Corporations Search (Sunbiz)
The Florida Division of Cultural Affairs
The Florida Division of Historical Resources
The Florida Division of Library and Information Services
The Florida Information Service
The Florida Department of Financial Services
The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
The Florida Office of Financial Regulation
The Florida Bureau of Insurance Fraud
The Florida Division of Consumer Services (financial)
The Florida Division of Investigative & Forensic Services (DIFS)
The Florida Division of Public Assistance Fraud (PAF)
The Florida Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation
The Florida Division of Risk Management
The Florida Division of Unclaimed Property
The Florida Division of Unclaimed Property (Treasure Hunt)
The Florida Division of Workers� Compensation
The Florida Office of the Treasury
The Florida State Fire Marshall
The Florida Department of the Environmental Protection
The Florida Division of State Lands
The Florida Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
The Florida Division of Licensing
The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
The Florida Department of Revenue
The Florida Department of Transportation
The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
The Florida Highway Patrol
The FHP Live Traffic Crash and Road Condition Report
The Florida Department of Military Affairs
The Florida Department of Corrections
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement
The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
The Florida Department of Education
The Florida Department of Citrus
The Florida Department of Management Services (DMS)
Space Florida
Enterprise Florida
Visit Florida
Florida Regional Councils Association
The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
Community Planning, Development & Services
Workforce Board Resources
Business Growth and Partnerships
The Florida Division of Emergency Management
The Florida Division of Administrative Hearings
Florida State Board of Administration
The Florida Department of Children & Families
The Florida Department of Elder Affairs
The Florida Department of Health
The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
The Florida Department of Lottery
The Florida Retirement System
The Florida League of Cities

The Florida Legislature
The Florida Senate
The Florida Senate Session
Florida Senators
The Florida House
The Florida House Session Bills
Florida House Representatives
The Florida Constitution
Laws of the State of Florida
Statutes of the State of Florida
The Florida Administrative Code
The Florida Auditor General
State of Florida Commission on Ethics
Council for Education Policy Research and Improvement (CEPRI)
Economic and Demographic Research (EDR)
Joint Legislative Budget Commission
Florida Legislative Committee on Intergovernmental Relations (LCIR)
Legislative Library
The Florida Monitor - Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA)
Public Service Commission Nominating Council
The Florida Public Service Commission
Florida Office of Public Counsel (OPC)

The Florida Courts
Supreme Court of Florida
Florida Third District Court of Appeal
Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal
13th Judicial Circuit
15th Judicial Circuit
15th Judicial Circuit, Palm Beach County Clerk of the Court
17th Judicial Circuit, Broward County Clerk of the Court

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Broward County

Broward County Home Page
The Board of County Commissioners
The Board of County Commissioners Meeting Agendas
Broward County Agency Locator (Find An Agency)
Broward County�s News Center
Broward County 311 Call Center (Answer Your Questions)
The Broward County Code of Ordinances
The Broward County Charter
The Broward County Charter Review Commission
The Broward County Planning Council
The Broward County Administrator's Office
Broward County Official Record Search
The Broward County Finance and Administrative Services Department
The Broward Records, Taxes and Treasury Division
The Broward Records, Taxes and Treasury Division - Local Business Taxes
The Broward Records, Taxes and Treasury Division - Taxes Record Search
The Broward Records Division
The Broward Records Division - Official Records Public Search
The Broward Records Division - Search and Copy Section Services
The Broward County Auditor's Office
The Broward County Accounting Division
The Broward County Department of Public Works
The Broward County Construction Management Division
The Broward County Office of Economic and Small Business Development
The Broward County Office of Management and Budget
The Broward County Office of Intergovernmental Affairs / Boards Section
The Broward County Professional Standards / Human Rights Section
The Broward County Human Rights Section
The Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department
The Broward County Environmental Programs and Resources
The Broward County Environmental and Consumer Protection Division
The Broward County Consumer Protection
The Broward County Environment
The Broward County Animal Care and Regulation Division (ACaRD)
Broward County Building Code Services
Broward County Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division
The Broward County Planning and Development Management Division
Broward County Development Management & Environmental Review
Broward County Comprehensive Planning
Broward County Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Broward County Geographical Information Systems (GIS) - Maps & Stats
Broward County GeoHub
Broward County Zoning
Broward County Code Enforcement
Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals
Broward County 40 Year Building Safety Inspection Program
Broward County Building Permits
The Broward County Emergency Management Division
The Broward County Emergency
The Broward County Hurricane Preparedness Services
The Broward County Enterprise Technology Services
The Broward County Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division
The Broward County Beach and Marine Resources Section
The Broward County Beach Renourishment Project
The Broward County Climate, Energy & Sustainability Program
The Broward County Environmental Lab Section
The Broward County Land Stewardship Program
The Broward County Water Resources
The Broward County Water Resources Policy and Planning Section
The Broward County Water and Science Data Section
The Broward County Water Conservation Section
The Broward County NatureScape Broward
The Broward County Pollution Prevention, Remediation & Air Quality Division
The Broward County Air Quality
The Broward County Environmental Inquiry and Resource System (ENVIROS)
The Broward County Housing Finance and Community Redevelopment Division
The Broward County Facilities Maintenance Division
The Broward County Real Property Section
The Broward County Parks and Recreation Division
The Broward County Greenways
The Broward County Water Management Division
The Broward County Water and Wastewater Services
The Broward County Water and Wastewater Engineering Division
The Broward County Solid Waste and Recycling Services
The Broward County Health Department
The Broward County Community Partnerships Division
The Broward County Homeless Initiative Partnership
Children's Services Council of Broward County
The Broward County Children's Services Administration Section
The Broward County Elderly and Veterans Services Division
The Broward County Elderly Services
The Broward County Veterans Services
The Broward County Human Services Division
The Broward County Family Success Administration Division
The Broward County Crisis Intervention and Support Division
The Broward County Addiction Recovery Services
The Broward County Health Care Services
The Broward County Medical Examiner & Trauma Services Division
Broward County Regional EMS
The Broward County Risk Management Division
The Broward County Cultural Division
The Broward County Traffic Engineering Division
The Broward County Transit Division
The Broward Property Appraiser�s Network
The Broward County Sheriff�s Office (BSO)
Broward County Sheriff�s Office - Dept. of Fire Rescue & Emergency Services
The Broward County Court system
The Broward Clerk of Courts
The Broward County Attorney's Office
The Broward County Bar Association
The Broward County Public Defender
The Broward County Crime Commission
The Broward State Attorney (17th Judicial Court, Broward County)
The Broward County Supervisor of Elections
The Broward Legislative Delegation Office
The Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
Broward County Public Schools
Broward County Library
The Broward County Library Locations
The Broward County Historic Preservation Board
The Broward County Store
Broward County Office of Public Communications
Community Update - Newsletter Archive
Broward County Print Shop
Bridges Newsletter
The Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Greater Fort Lauderdale � Broward County Convention Center
The Broward County Housing Authority
Central Broward Water Control District (CBWCD)
Port Everglades
The Broward County Port Everglades Department's Seaport Engineering and Facilities Maintenance Division
Broward Health
The Broward Regional Health Planning Council
The Coordinating Council of Broward (CCB)
Broward College
The Broward County Chamber of Commerce
The Broward League of Cities
Broward 211 - First Call For Help of Broward
The Greater Fort Lauderdale (Broward) Alliance
The Broward Legal Directory

Broward County Water Links

Please find below links to a few programs created by Broward County concerned with water management and resource protection.

Water Matters Day - An annual event that helps homeowners, policymakers, local businesses, and property managers understand their role in water management and water conservation.
NatureScape - About creating Florida-friendly landscapes that conserve water, protect water quality, and create wildlife habitat.
Integrated Water Resource Plan - How Broward�s water resources might be most effectively and efficiently managed � for the next ten years and beyond.
�Know the Flow� - Educates local residents, property managers, landscape professionals, and municipal staff about how they each contribute to the successful functioning of our water management system.

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City of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Home Page
The Mayor of Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale City Commission
Fort Lauderdale A to Z Guide
Fort Lauderdale Code of Ordinances
Fort Lauderdale City Departments
Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale: Our City, Our Vision 2035
Fort Lauderdale Strategic Plan
Vision Zero Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale City Commission Agendas & Minutes
Fort Lauderdale City Clerk
Fort Lauderdale Boards and Committees
Fort Lauderdale Board and Committee Agendas & Minutes
Fort Lauderdale Ethics
Fort Lauderdale City Manager's Office
Fort Lauderdale Budget/CIP and Grants Division
Fort Lauderdale Annual Operating Budgets
Fort Lauderdale Strategic Planning and Budgeting Cycle
Fort Lauderdale Community Investment Plans
Fort Lauderdale Office of Neighbor Support
Fort Lauderdale Strategic Communications Office
Fort Lauderdale CodeRED
Fort Lauderdale Structural Innovation Division
Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Advisor
Fort Lauderdale Nighttime Economy
Fort Lauderdale Neighborhoods
Fort Lauderdale Traffic Advisories
Fort Lauderdale City News
Fort Lauderdale Currents Newsletter
Fort Lauderdale�s Government Access Channel FLTV
Fort Lauderdale Finance Department
Fort Lauderdale Accounting and Financial Reporting Division
Fort Lauderdale Business Tax Office (formerly Occupational License)
Fort Lauderdale Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)
Fort Lauderdale Contract List
Fort Lauderdale Treasury Division
Fort Lauderdale Utility Billing
Fort Lauderdale Customer Self-Service Utility Billing
Fort Lauderdale Procurement Services Division
Fort Lauderdale City Auditor's Office
Fort Lauderdale Human Resources Division
Fort Lauderdale Employee Benefits
Fort Lauderdale Risk Management Division
Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue Department
Fort Lauderdale Office of the Fire Chief
Fort Lauderdale Domestic Preparedness and Emergency Management Bureau
Fort Lauderdale Community Emergency Response Team
Fort Lauderdale Fire Prevention Bureau
Fort Lauderdale Fire Assessment Fee
Fort Lauderdale Fire Operations Division
Fort Lauderdale Fire Special Operations Command
Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Support Services Bureau
Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Technical Rescue Team (TRT)
Fort Lauderdale Hazardous Materials Response Team (HazMat)
Fort Lauderdale Special Weapons and Tactics Medic Unit (SWAT)
Fort Lauderdale Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue
Fort Lauderdale Beach Conditions
Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue Stations
Fort Lauderdale Police Department
Fort Lauderdale Office of the Chief of Police
Fort Lauderdale Office of Internal Affairs
Fort Lauderdale Police Operations Bureau
Fort Lauderdale Police Investigative Bureau
Fort Lauderdale Criminal Investigation Division (CID)
Fort Lauderdale Special Investigation Division (SID)
Fort Lauderdale Police Support Services Bureau
Fort Lauderdale Police Records Unit
Fort Lauderdale Red Light Camera Locations
Fort Lauderdale FLPD Staff Directory
Fort Lauderdale Police Crime Prevention
Fort Lauderdale Police Public Information Office
Fort Lauderdale Department of Sustainable Development
Fort Lauderdale Building Services Division
Fort Lauderdale Building Permits
Fort Lauderdale Building Services Online Services
Fort Lauderdale Check Permit Status
Fort Lauderdale Check Owner Records
Fort Lauderdale Building Administration Contacts
Fort Lauderdale Building Inspector Contacts
Fort Lauderdale 40-Year or Older Building Safety Program
Fort Lauderdale Community Enhancement and Compliance Division
Fort Lauderdale Economic & Community Investment Division
Fort Lauderdale Growth and Development
Fort Lauderdale Housing & Community Development Division
Fort Lauderdale Urban Design & Planning Division
Fort Lauderdale Public Works Department
Fort Lauderdale Engineering Division
Fort Lauderdale Sustainability Division
Fort Lauderdale - Green Your Routine
Fort Lauderdale Climate Resiliency
Fort Lauderdale Florida-Friendly Landscaping
Fort Lauderdale Natural Resources Preservation
Fort Lauderdale - Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Drop-off Events
Fort Lauderdale - Recycling, Diversion & Waste Reduction
Fort Lauderdale - Recycling in Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale - Stormwater Pollution Prevention
Fort Lauderdale - Water Conservation and Efficiency
Fort Lauderdale Tree Give-a-ways and Programs
Fort Lauderdale Solid Waste, Yard Waste & Recycling Services
Fort Lauderdale Urban Forest
Fort Lauderdale Urban Forester Mark Williams Blog
Fort Lauderdale Utilities Division
Fort Lauderdale's Water and Wastewater Treatment
Fort Lauderdale Fleet Services Division
Give Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale Prescription Drug Card
Fort Lauderdale Community Appearance Board WOW Award Program
Fort Lauderdale Department of Transportation & Mobility
Fort Lauderdale Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program
Fort Lauderdale Parking Services Division
Fort Lauderdale - Parking Permit Programss
Fort Lauderdale - Pay by Phone
Fort Lauderdale Parking Ticket Payment Options
Fort Lauderdale - Public Parking Facilities
Fort Lauderdale - Public Parking Garages
Fort Lauderdale Department of Transportation Division
Fort Lauderdale - LauderStreet and Public Transportation
Fort Lauderdale Red Light Safety Camera Program
Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE)
Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
Fort Lauderdale Downtown Helistop
City of Fort Lauderdale's Geographic Information System (GIS)
Fort Lauderdale Department of Parks and Recreation
Fort Lauderdale Department City Parks
Fort Lauderdale Recreation Division
Fort Lauderdale Municipal Cemeteries
Fort Lauderdale Tennis Centers
Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Facilities
Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex
Fort Lauderdale Swim Team
Fort Lauderdale Club 55+ Fitness and Recreational Programs
Fort Lauderdale Festivals and Special Events
Fort Lauderdale Marine Facilities
Fort Lauderdale War Memorial Auditorium
Fort Lauderdale Calendar of Events
Fort Lauderdale Lauderserv: Fort Lauderdale 24-Hour Customer Service
International Swimming Hall of Fame
Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi
Sun Trolley
Fort Lauderdale General Employees� Retirement System
Fort Lauderdale Police Officers and Firefighters Retirement System
Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce
Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau
Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority

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Useful General Governmental and NGO Links

A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies
U.S. City & Town Data - Quick Reference for US Cities and Towns
Government Agencies and Elected Officials
U.S. State Gateway
U.S. Local Gateway - Cities, Counties, and Towns
State and Local Government on the Net
The Council of State Governments
National League of Cities
City Mayors: Largest 100 US cities
U.S. Conference of Mayors
Municipal Code Corporation
Find Government Benefits
The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)
Search Federal Contracts
Consumer Reports Magazine
Federal Consumer Information Center Handbook & Catalogue
Consumer World
National Consumers League
National Fraud Information Center
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection
Consumer Sentinel
National Do Not Call Registry
HUD Florida Consumer Information
Florida Division of Consumer Services
Florida Dept of State's Consumer Information
Product Safety Online
Urban Legends and Folklore
American Factfinder
U.S. Census Geography Program Home Page
Florida Alliance of Information and Referral Services
Florida Sheriffs Association
The Florida Bar
Enterprise Florida
South Florida Regional Planning Council (SFRPC)
Tri-Rail - South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA)
South Florida Water Management District
World-Wide Libraries Directory
Go Renew - Florida Online Driver License, Disabled Parking Placard & Tag Renewals

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The Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida & the Caribbean
The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service Online
Internet Legal Research Group (ILRG) (AKA PublicLegal)
Nolo Law for All
Justia - Laws: Cases & Codes
Justia Virtual Chase Legal Research (Online Paper Chase)
The Law Engine
Get the Law - Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute
WEX - free legal dictionary and encyclopedia - Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute
Public Library of Law
Washlaw - Legal Research on the Web
lexisONE Legal Research
F.S.U. School of Criminology & Criminal Justice Faculty Research
Criminal Justice Profiles - Gateway Directory to our Nation's Courts
National Center for State Courts (NCSC)
NCSC - Directory to our Nation's State Courts
Oyez - covering the U.S. Supreme Court
United Nations Databases
SUNBIZ - Investigate Florida Corporations & Corporate Officers
The Florida Crime Information Center Public Access System (PAS)
Florida Stolen Property Information - The Florida Crime Information Center
Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators Search - Florida Department of Law Enforcement
NETRonline - Environmental Data, Public Records Research & Real Estate Information
Vital Records Information
Search Systems Free Public Records
PACER Service Center - U.S. Party/Case Index
RootsWeb at Ancestry.Com
WorldGenWeb - world-wide genealogical and historical records
WorldGenWeb - USGenWeb - US Landing Page for WorldGenWeb Project
USGenWeb - free online U.S. state and county genealogy information (different from above site)
ZabaSearch - People Search and Public Information Search Engine
USA People Search
Cedar Buffalo National Address Server
Florida Online Driver�s License Validity Check
Florida Online Motor Vehicle Record Check
The Broward Legal Directory

Click Here to investigate licensing credentials info for vendors.

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